9/11 as an Act of War and Terrorism

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War on Terror

When I first saw 9/11, I did not really understand what was happening. I remember my whole family and I were in the kitchen and the television was on when suddenly the show that we were watching was cut off to the news. It said breaking news live from New York. I was only seven years old at the time when this all happen and did not quite understand what was going on. When I saw the first tower burning I was not sure why the building was on fire. Even more who even cause this to happen or what cause it. I remember it being really silent in the house that day. Nobody said a word just everyone in a state of shock. We all listen and witness the next tower being on fire. It was so scary nobody even the news anchors could find the words to describe what was happening. My mom was actually flying to New York actually the following next day to go on a business trip and I remember my grandparents (her parents) begging her to not go. In her opinion this would be the safest time to fly because of all the tight security being there that she knew that she would be safe.

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In my opinion I would say and agree with John Yoo that this was an act of war of terrorism. This type of fighting in causing so much terror to people is so scary and hard to process. What people think and do to cause this much harm to another country is terrifying. To me when someone hits you this hard you have to do something back or else they will continue to pushed you and bully you around. We lost over thousands of American lives that day. Terrorism was a new act of war. Fighting a war of potential people who could be suicide boomers. How does one fight against people who would sacrifice themselves and cause all this act of terror on another. This act made Americans very afraid and also very judgmental to people who could be terrorist. When I was a kid growing up at school some kids would make comments about that certain people by the way they dress, talk, or even what race they were and would call them terrorist. Not only was the older generation affected by this act of terror but the after math of all of this had made the younger generation in a sense racist in a way.

I would say that the reason this is an act of war was because we were already were in a pre war of this already. Our troops that were in their country already were facing bombers who would kill themselves and from that act kill many troops and injuring hundreds of our own. This was just a small fraction of what we see today. Even now the rate of suicide bombings have increase fast. There have been so many acts of terror happening in the USA and it makes life here a little bit scary. We are a huge target of being attacked. In other countries you never hear much about terrorism only in the USA. Till recently though Paris was under attack and that change the perspective that we have to come together and end this terror war.

Today we face even a bigger crisis that all have shown us in the past that this is an act of war that is still happening. An act of terror to all of us now around the world. Some people even today now think that world war three will be happening soon. Also potentially even a world war four could arise afterwards. It is so shocking to see and witness another war happening. Now that the public eye can see everything such as pictures and videos all over social media we can witness most of everything from anything. There is a different approach to an act of war these days. Whether it could be a cyber war or a physical war whatever it is we are heading towards it is a scary typhoon and it all started with one act and that was the first strike and that was 9/11.

In conclusion I agree with John Yoo that the attack of 9/11 was an attack of an act of war of terrorism. We needed to go out there and fight back. I agree that we had to send our troops over there to help protect our country. We have to show them that if you hurt us we will hurt you back even harder. Many people died in this terror attack. Many people sacrifice themselves to protect, save, and fight against this battle. We finally did defeat Osama Bin Laden but still new battles are just getting started. The future is really scary when we as a country are facing our own issues such as gun violence, cyber wars increasing, and potentially even air wars could happen too.

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