Personal Reflections on My Deep Observation Assignment

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When I first received the assignment which included me to take observation of people in a chosen place off campus, I was terrified at the beginning as I wasn’t certain what my observation should be around. I decided a public place would be a good place to start therefore I head to the little Shuswap lake located in Chase. I went there on a Friday evening, September 14, when I expected there would be plenty of people to watch, yes this wouldn’t be that interesting to drive there alone that’s where I manage to tangle a couple of my friends to tag along.When my friends and I arrived at little Shuswap lake, the first thing that caught my attention was the sunset, through teary eyes I watched the sun fall behind the mountain valley, painting the sky shades of red, orange and pink.

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The clouds seemed like cotton-candy, as though they were tinted at the warm touch of the sun. I then went on and sat in the playground of the Lake to observe the people and things happening around me. I expected to see a lot of people with their families. A few things did catch my attention within the few hours I was there and also there were some things I didn’t expect to see. This is what I observed. As I sat in the bench near the entrance to of the playground. Typically lakes have grass, picnic tables, trees, and usually some sort of sports availability such as a fishing, volleyball court or soccer field, or both which was the same in this case as well In addition, the lake has a port and a bridge which extended half way through the lake.As I sat there looking, observing one particular individual, who seemed young, who I observed kayaking around the lake for approximately 30 minutes. Nothing but paddling, and then slowly the individual paddled away from my sight. There were other families enjoying their picnic right beside the bench where I was seated I noticed a dad who was pushing a young child on a swing. After a while, they left the park.

The last person I saw, besides the washroom and the trailer park, was a worker who was doing routine maintenance of the park and lake. As far as structures goes there was one small playground, washroom beside it with graffiti on the walls, parking lot, a port and a bridge.From there I moved on towards the first bridge which then made me realize the beauty around me which was quite blissful, the bridge extended halfway to the lake which felt like walking through an airy womb with sound of water. The lake is pale blue gown and the beach seemed like dipped in earthshine-gold. When we reached the end of the bridge we were dazzled looking at what view we were offered, my friends and I were disappointed at first. When we realized our paradise had hosts other guests, we were not alone as there was a soon approaching rain from the other end of the lake.

While I was gazing through the lake before moving for some shelter I caught my sight on something I wasn’t expecting, well I thought I lost the person who was kayaking who came to my sight again paddling their way back to the shore, well this wasn’t easy the weather had taken a drastic change making the water rough along with the strong winds. This is when I noticed a dog on the kayak. We started walking back to take shelter from the rain, while we stood near the washroom I could now clearly see the person who was kayaking, she was a young lady with ash grey hair, she seemed really fit. Her dog was a playful husky. The young lady seemed very relieved, calm despite the bad weather. While she was packing and preparing to leave I overheard her call her dog “Remington” who was the cutest dog I could think of, he had white fluffy fur, blue eyed, had a little gray spot on his head and on his tail, he had small legs with very cute paws. This was the last glance I would get of him as the young lady had started moving towards her car.

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