A Book Review that Discusses the Conspiracy Theory of Secret Societies Governing the World

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This is a book report on "New World Order: Ancient Plan of Secret Societies" by Still. I recommend you to read it because it is very interesting and everyone needs to know this. Of course, it is always better to read the book itself; what I want you to do too. However, I think, it will be hard to get it because no library in the world has this book in their stores, unfortunately. Thus, try to look for it on the internet. Good Luck.

This book demonstrates how an ancient plan of secret societies has been kept in secrecy for centuries, how their influence have had on historical events and in the present, and how they can be best prevented in the future. To illustrate all this, the author primarily focuses on one of many secret societies - that is Masonry, or Freemasonry, because it is the oldest and largest group of all. The real goal of all secret societies is the "New World Order," which is designed to bring all nations under a single world government. Why not, we might ask, as this will eliminate wars among nations. The author answers by saying that this plan "could only lead to the most corrupt and ironical dictatorship mankind has ever known." Thus, he warns us to realize it now, when it is not yet late to oppose. The author says that many people do not see any connection between the ancient secret societies and the modern versions and refuse to admit that the New World Order is the main plan of secret societies. But he provides with so many facts that then it is hard not to believe him.

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There are over six million members of Masonry worldwide. As modern source lists, there were seventeen American presidents: Washington, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Garfield, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, FDR, Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Ford, and Reagan. Ironically, most members are not aware of the "darkest secrets of their order because Masonry is constructed as a secret society within a secret society." There is a concept of the "inner" and the "outer" doctrine; the outer doctrine seems somewhat harmless to the vast majority of members so that to attract more people, while the inner doctrine can be known only to "an elect few," who have gone through all "blood oaths," the Masonry rituals. To better understand the function of this group, the author provides with its origin and history. Masonry has been existed for more than 5,000 years being tracked back to Egyptian societies. The same symbols, postures, signs, and even the apron are depicted on the walls of the tombs in ancient Egypt as what are they today in modern Masonry. As an example of this, let's take a look at one of some symbols. One of the most important and the oldest symbols of Masonry is the "evil eye," which is the Egyptian hieroglyph; it represents their god Osiris, or "a dark God." This symbol is on the top of most Masonic documents, and now it is on the back of Great Seal of the US, which is reproduced on every American one-dollar bill. This shows how much influence has Masonry on the founding symbols of America. If we closely study the back of a one-dollar bill, we can notice some more interesting things. The phrase "E Pluribus unum," or "one out of many," as the author points out, has a double meaning - these are the "unification of the American states into the American nation" and "unification of nations into one world state," which is the real goal of secret societies. Still there is another phrase , which is not less intriguing, is "Novus Ordo Seclorum," or "New Order of the Ages," which is the "New World Order."

Few Masons know that their god is Lucifer. However, they claim themselves as Satanists. There are some differences between them. Luciferians think they are doing good things. Satanists know they are evil. Lucifer, who was the God's most favorable angel, wanted to replace the God, the result of which was that Lucifer was expelled from heaven. Then he becomes Satan, the evil angel of darkness. However, Masons believe that "Lucifer never fell to Earth; that Lucifer is really God, and has been since the dawn of creation." And another interesting fact this book shows us is that Masons mourn not because of the death of the Son of God, but because of the day of Christianity was born. Since then, the Christianity has been the antagonist of Masonry. However it is known only to those who are in the "inner" party, while those of "outer" party have little knowledge about it believing that the true basis of this group is Christianity. And today, it is Christians who are the major obstacles to the rise of their "Great Plan."

According to this book, there are thirty three degrees, or levels, of Masonry. To reach the top, one has to go through each level by giving the "blood oaths." Fortunately, several brave persons spoke out about these rituals. For example, the candidate for the thirteenth degree gives the oaths to keep the secrets of a fellow Mason; otherwise he will be horribly punished. He also must swear to punish the same way their fellows who will break the oaths; thus, the author says that "there can be no excuse to allow anyone who is Mason of [this] degree to become a local sheriff, judge, prosecutor, or police investigator. These men all sworn with their lives to protect Masons of the same degree from the wheels of justice."

Masons have another name to the "New World Order" - that is "New Atlantis." They believed that North America was the place from which their New Atlantis would spread. There is a myth about Atlantis that existed about 10,000 years before the Greek civilization. It says that ten kings ruled Atlantis in complete harmony by being cooperative. Seven of them ruled over the seven islands; the other three - over Europe, Asia, and Africa. One day the seven kings of Atlantis decided to invade the other three continents. Zeus, the father of all gods, was angered because of this and in a single evening destroyed the whole Atlantis by flooding over it. The author explains why this legend is so important to Masons: Atlantis before the flood was the natural and proper form of human government that was destroyed by "selfishness and ignorance of men," so people should try to rebuild that kind of government to reach the goal of "universal democracy." The book questioned why there is so much secrecy in these groups. And the book answers itself that this is why they still exists. Their ideal is Sir Francis Bacon, the first-born son of Queen Elizabeth and Lord Robert Dudley, who is a founder of a plan the "New Atlantis." It is believed that he wrote Shakespeare's works, but wanted to keep his name in secrecy because he didn't want endanger neither himself nor his mother. Critics of the Bacon-Shakespeare connection said that Shakespeare could not either read or write. If it is true that Bacon is the author of the plays, and was able to keep it a secret for four centuries, then his importance to today's secret societies is very high.

Only a few are aware of the fact that several times this century there have been attempts to change the Constitution of the US; this can endanger American freedom. There are only two ways to make it: first, by a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress, or, second, if two-thirds of the state legislatures pass resolutions for a constitutional convention. In 1975, the first six states did so. Only four years later thirty of the necessary of thirty-four states passed resolutions calling for a constitutional convention. By 1983, the number reached thirty-two. Since then three states (Florida, Alabama, and Nevada) have withdrawn from it. Since 1975 there have been prepared forty draft versions of the revised constitution. By 1984, the Committee on the Constitutional System presented a more "toned-down" version that says the following:

  1. Permit the President to dissolve Congress (where he thinks Congress is intractable)
  2. Eliminate the 22nd Amendment which limits a President to two terms
  3. Reduce the cost of Presidential and Congressional elections by holding them at irregular intervals so that the date would not be known very far in advance.

As this book points out, as long as the original constitution exists and no changes are made, the "Great Plan" is much harder to achieve. Thus, the author asks us to do something now because later it will be too late. He says: "If your state has not passed a Con-Con resolution, find out [how] to stop it in you state." If there is no one to ask for it, he asks us to start the organization ourselves and do something. And in case if our state has already passed a resolution, we should start a petition to have our state legislature to make it withdrawn. Secret societies do not control everything. And it is in our hands to stop them because we still can openly debate over such issues; "The average person can have an effect."

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