A Brief Account of Human Evolution for Young Minds

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Humans have evolved tremendously from us being cavemen to us now being intelligent.We had the stone age where the only tools were made out of stone,and where Lucy was alive to show us how our family tree works .Then the metal age where we learned how to use and smelt metal to create tools and weapons.Now in this age, We have technology, medicine and robots to do major tasks. The First Evolution is The Stone Age,The stone age was in 9600 BCE and is 2.6 million years old.One of the first hominids to live is “Lucy”.Lucy is one of the first hominids to roam the earth.She is 3 million years old,but her bones are in good shape.Lucy’s bones showed us how we have evolved in our family tree.Lucy has shown us how our family tree is much more complex.She gave us a better view of how we evolved from our great ancestors.Early Hominids lived in caves shaped like a tent,and they painted art of their adventures.They survived making stone tools out of flint or chert.The hominids chipped these pieces of flint and chert to make it sharp and made weapons out of them.With these weapons they killed animals such as antelopes,birds,etc.Hominids also harvested fruits or nuts they found and ate them. These Hominids knew a lot about survival i wonder how much they can evolve in the next evolution. The Next Evolution is The Iron Age,The Iron Age lasted for 1000-1200 BC and is 800 years old.

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The first sign of metal is when early sumerians discovered metal.After Sumerians discovered metal they started to experiment with copper,bronze,etc.After they learned how to use these metals they started to make tools out of them.These hominids used metal to create tools such as spears,javelins and shields.These hominids used these tools to hunt more animals more efficiently.Hominids learned how to make metal tools, but these hominids needed a stable hut to live in.Hominids made huts out of thatch,wood and mud.Hominids made a village to play,hunt and harvest with.These Hominids used teamwork to survive.Humans have evolved much from the Bronze and the Iron age.How much have we evolved exactly? Currently we are in the Aquarian Age.Humans have created robots that can replace our jobs, and they can also build cars, electronics,etc.Robots can perform surgery, clean objects and we have robots to even cook meals!We have gone so far in technology.Humans have made phones,tablets,computers.90% of households have an electronics for various reasons.Citizens use these electronics to get work done, entertainment,or education.

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