A Brief Introduction to Different Methodologies Outlining Software Development

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There are many project management methodologies; some define principles, some put forward a complete network of principles, themes and processes, some brings out the process definition and some has a broad list of standards with the same process. There is a traditional project management methodology whose approach is linear and whose concept, depending on predictable tools and experience, makes every project follow the same cycle of different phases occuring in a pattern as clear.

Agile methodology gives importance to the unpredictability in software development. It cuts down large projects into smaller iterations. These easily manageable iterations occur after a consistent time interval and at each iteratin’s end something valuable is produced which can be analyzed by the customer or stakeholders to get proper feedback. Reasons why agile projects are more successful?

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  • Unlike traditional project management, agile method donot initiate the development until designers, developers and business people work together simultaneously to start design. It is not strictly sequenced as traditional ones.
  • By breaking down projects during iterations, it makes it possible to add or drop features in the middle of any project for more efficiency. This adaptive planning is what makes projects more successful.
  • Client involvment is high. It offers high flexibility with customer evaluating and validating each iteration before finalizing.
  • The development model is easily changeable with evolutionary delivery model.
  • This is being considered the best model in complex projects, which may have many interconnected phases. Since software development usually requires evolving requirements agile methodologies can be used in dynamic environments.
  • Risk management helps to change the scope anywhere between the project which further let know the issues in the process.
  • New features in any project are taken care of and so, cost control is done by implementing the new required features at expense of less important ones. What do successful Agile projects have in common?

The Agile Manifesto, which was written in February of 2001, usually revolves around four main values.

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation.
  3. Customer engagement.
  4. Change responsive to any plan. Is agile a silver bullet technology?

No, agile is not silver bullet technology. Because of its transparency and visibility, any project can fail faster. In order to put forward my opinion, agile methodology can be used for projects which are not large. There are different challenges which it is facing like the one with documentation, design and architectural. Though upfront plan is being led down by this methodology, we can’t just keep on working on any project until the outcome is predicted beforehand. A structured approach can sometimes be beneficial from moving from a smaller project to a larger complex one.

Agile principles:-

  1. Highest priority is given to customer satisfaction by thee means of ready and consistent delivery of software.
  2. Requirements are changed as per the demand to have competitive advantage.
  3. Shorter timescale is preferred to deliver a valuable software frequently.
  4. Project is only achieved through combined work of both the people and developers.
  5. Individuals are motivated by providing them necessary support to get jobs done.
  6. Every team has one-on-one conversations to increase efficiency and effective project management.
  7. Success is calculated by working of software.
  8. Sponsors, developers and users need to work in integrity for the project.
  9. Superiority in designs and technical issues are another key factors.
  10. The team needs to work coherently and should workout all the flaws at certain time intervals to further manage project and make it efficient.
  11. The required teams should understand need of the hour and self-organize to get best architectures, requirements and designs.

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