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A Case Of A Personality Disorder

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Personality disorder

Personality encompasses a number of key aspects, which define an individual character. Everyone has his or her own personality, which makes him or her unique. The uniqueness of human beings can be defined based on a number of aspects, which help in defining individual personality. It is easy to interact with individuals based on the understanding of important traits, which define their personality. An individual personality can be influenced by a number of personality disorder, which focus on behavioral and cognitive wellbeing of an individual.

Avoidant personality disorder is a serious disorder under the cluster C of personality disorders. Individuals suffering from this personality disorder are socially inhibited considering the fact that they fear rejection and are introverts. The fear of being criticized ensures that they avoid personal interactions that are likely to expose them to significant criticism. Individuals suffering from avoidant personality disorder consider themselves as being inferior and have very low self-esteem, which limits their interactions (Moroni, 2016).

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Fictional case

Jane is a seventeen-year-old child who has developed a unique behavior where she stays indoors most of the time and has a certain specific group of friends who she feels very comfortable. She fears interacting with individuals outside her cycles. She does not seem to have an understanding on her own identity and struggles fitting in social gathering involving her peers that makes her very uncomfortable. The trait theory provides a greater understanding on Jane’s condition where there is significant need to ensure that she is effectively assessed and better diagnosis made for development of a better intervention.

The trait personality theory is a significant theory, which provides a significant environment where it is easy to understand how habitual patterns of behavior can be assessed. It explains how individuals are able to perform their tasks in a certain way and thus creates a significant environment where it is easy to relate and associate with a number of key issues, which are developed within a given social environment. Thus being able to understand how a number of key factors influences human behavior creates an effective environment where it is very easy to interpret the existence of varying personality traits among individuals. Personality traits therefore follow a certain path and thus they are crucial in ensuring that individuals have a certain focus within their social environment (Cherry, 016).

Booth (2014) provides a greater focus and understanding on key therapeutic approaches that can be used to reduce individual self-harm especially in individuals who are having very low self-confidence and esteem. The article highlights that cognitive behavioral therapy is the best therapeutic intervention that can be used to improve the overall engagement of an individual suffering from avoidant personality disorder. This approach focus on both behavioral and cognitive factors that are key in improving an individual overall interaction process where they can be able to develop a positive focus and boosting their self-confidence and esteem. Avoidant personality disorder inhibits an individual social interaction that is countered using the specific focus on behavior and psychological wellbeing of an individual. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on boosting happiness through modification of dysfunctional emotions and thoughts (Booth, 2014).


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