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"A Case Study Of Leading Horn Manufacturing Company" Project

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The internship project “A CASE STUDY OF LEADING HORN MANUFACTURING COMPANY” based on the learning of SAP functionality in a Horn manufacturing company.The main content of this study revolves around the use of IT in manufacturing company.It formed a bridge between two different aspects in order to make it simple.Around 8 highly qualified and experienced managers and 20 experienced staff across various section were interviewed and observed.Data has also been collected from published papers,working papers and books.An attempt has been made to suggest practical steps to overcome the challenges.The study tries to show the way for managers to meet the SAP functionality in industries.Design is the first step in the development phase for any engineered product or system. The designer’s goal is to produce a model or representation of an entity that will later be built.

Design is the place where quality is fostered in software development.

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Design provides us with representations of software that can assess for quality.

Design is the only way that can accurately translate a customer’s view into a finished software product or system.

Software design serves as a foundation for all the software engineering steps that follow. Without a strong design we risk building an unstable system – one that will be difficult to test, one whose quality cannot be assessed until the last stage.

They design the Bill Of Material(BOM) can authorise create,edit,display.

Each single part is known as Part Number.

Each finished product is known as Family.

Types of process:

Engineering Release Note(ERN)

Engineering Change Note(ECN)

Prelaunch Engineering Release Note(PERN)

Prelaunch Engineering Change Note(PECN) ØBased on the designing pattern they will produce parts.

Some of the Tcodes:MD01,MD61,MD62,MD71,MD72,MD73.

Two types of Marketing:

OEM(Original Equipment Management)

After MarketingØPurchasing has importing department:

Inhouse- powder coating,winding the coil

Subcontract- Press operation:Blanking,Piercing,Bending,Forming,Flattening,

Reviting etc.,

Plating- Zinc Hexavalent,Nickle Chrome Plating

Powder coating- Black matte,Glossy Subassembly- Sub particle assembled in single particle

Plastic Component Injection Molding- Dye Casting:Pressure Dye Casting,Gravity Dye Casting.SAP software is considered as one of the top ERP systems today. It is best known for easy integration of its modules.Whether you are a small organization or a multinational company, SAP is a dependable and arguably the best ERP.

The training program at Roots Industries India Limited provided a very valuable opportunity to know the functioning of the IT department of the company. It is to be noted that there is always a very big gap between what is been taught in classrooms and what is been actually practiced.More than the theoretical knowledge the practical experience was very useful, which has been gained from this industrial training at Roots Industries India Limited.


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