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A Case When I Had Health Problems

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“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” ~ Vince Lombardi

They say that hard work pays off, and it does. You probably have heard it numerous times. Parents say it, relatives say it, and even grandparents say it. I have participated in football for four years now, and it is pretty much my life besides school. I have devoted my time and effort to football, and worked out daily so that I can become a better player.

It was a chilly and rainy afternoon. You could hear the football players’ huffing and puffing from the exhausting drills that the coaches had set up. An hour in to the practice, I started to feel an aching feeling in my back. I thought it hurt because of drills, so I finished practice with the achy feeling in my back. After practice, I informed the trainer and she said nothing was wrong with it, but I put a big, freezing ice pack just in case anything was wrong. I continued my day by going home and doing my homework. A few weeks later, the pain became so agonizing that I would walk weird and my right leg felt like it was going to be numb. I could not do any physical activity at all. It took my mom forever to get an appointment with the doctor because of her busy work schedule. Finally, she set up an appointment with the doctor a month after.

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On the day of the appointment, we traveled to the doctor’s office. We waited for a good 30 minutes, then met with the doctor, Mr. Becker. I informed him about my situation with my back receiving excruciating pain. As soon as he knew what was going on, he told me that I was

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going to get some x-rays to make sure that nothing major has happened. I was taken to different room for the x-ray. After the x-ray scan, the worker brought it to Dr. Becker’s room and we examined the x-rays together for a few minutes, then he told me what was wrong. He told me that I have herniated a disc in my back, which means that the disc in my spine has aged and will never regain the protein it needs to be healthy. He told me that the cause was that I was lifting heavy weight. After he explained the situation, he told me that my career as a football player would be over. I was flabbergasted in the fact that I will not be able to play football anymore. I thought to myself, “I cannot quit now, all that hard work for four years will be complete waste.” He recommended an MRI to see exactly what happened and suggested a physical therapist.

When I got the MRI, I showed Mr. Becker the results, and he said that they looked awful. A week later, I started doing physical therapy, and I was in rehab for four months. I dedicated my time in to getting my back healthy so that I can play football again. Before spring training, I checked with Dr. Becker again and did some flexibility to see if I improved because when I was in pain, I could not touch my toes, but that time I could. As soon as I was checked, I came back and played football again.


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