A Censorship Among Students as a Growing Unspoken Phenomenon

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Summary of Campuses are places for open minds – not where debate is closed down

The article Campuses are places for open minds – not where debate is closed down included the subtitle “Increasingly on US and UK campuses young people are demanding a censorship that shuts down argument in a dangerous way”. Both of which summarize the article quite well showcasing the main ideas to be presented. In this article, audiences are exposed to several realities that appear consistently throughout Universities nationwide. In my opinion, students shouldn’t be so sensitive and allow openness, however, some steps should be made to alleviate difficult topics in and outside the classroom.

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There are certainly several ways that medical diagnosis’s and other similar instances, such as bullying criteria have been watered down in the years. This certainly, in my opinion, is due to the vast differences of generations and the times we live in. It appears that generations before this, didn’t become offended as much. People today take literally everything to heart, the example of Trump proved that. Just because the students wrote “Trump 2016” doesn’t necessarily mean that it was an act of racism. Although, in my opinion, the contents of the situation also should be considered. In such instances, these allegations are certainly rational due to the circumstances. However, if the students were trying to be racist, I’m certain they could certainly say something more provoking than this. Not to mention, that throughout his campaign, he never once said anything about sending African Americans back. Only illegal immigrants, so therefore, these allegations are put to rest. These instances were not in the least bit racist in my opinion.

If each topic were censored, due to people feeling harmed by such, there would be little to even discuss. In today’s times, people become so offended by situations and events that they haven’t even experienced. I remember once when an African American blamed a white person for slavery. The young kid could have not been more than 20 years old. How could he possibly have anything to do with slavery? Not to mention, that this kid was not directly linked to the suffering and inhumanity of slavery. I feel that many instances like this happen, that is blame is placed on people that have or had nothing to do with the oppression that happened many years previous.

The author makes a point about removing literature from the curriculum that show prejudices and so forth. In my opinion, this would be a disadvantage. Not because I am racist by any means. Because even I too, deal with racism. However, books such as The Catcher and the Rye would no longer make the cut. Although, there are several provocative and racial slurs found throughout the text, these books are classics, and uphold several other valuable lessons. Not to mention history lessons on the oppression of certain groups. We need to learn these types of history lessons, because they are not only important, but remind us how not to act in certain situations.

The author utilized several good examples of the ideas expressed throughout the situation to help audiences understand the issues. I am sort of stuck in the middle, because I do feel that there are certain times when students must deal with emotional issues, when they shouldn’t have to. This is done in verbal way of saying hurtful racist things. However, when someone gets offended because of the food served in the café, or the wearing of sombreros, then this showcases an issue.

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