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A Common Criticism Of The “Technology Age”

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Written works have been implemented in education for as long as people had materials to write on. But as time has gone on, technology has evolved and provided the possibility of replacing concrete textbooks with computers. Although this new type of learning would save money on printing material and is ona medium that relates well with current and up-and-coming generation of scholars, the decision to implement technology into curriculum and instruction should consider all of the changes in society, not just school life, that it will bring.

A common criticism of the “technology age” is the loss of the ability to process information due to the surplus of information that is available. In accordance, the loss of this ability has also led to the lack of attention and engagement, or interest, with traditional learning. To combat this come schools, such as Empire High in Arizona, have completely taken on online instruction material with the hopes “electronic material will get students more engaged in learning”(Source). However this engagement comes with a cost. In order to keep students engage, educators must cater to the students and take charge in eliminating the distraction for the students or supplying a greater distraction within the learning. When this method comes into play students are likely to lose their intrinsic motivation for learning. Instead of processing the information for the sake of their own mental development, students would be tricked into learning. This causes problems in students’ ability to think abstractly, especially when technology blurs the long term effects.

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The Internet is not all bad, the effects of the knowledge available is only a problem because there is so much information available. Technology would grant students access to works from other nations and even translate them with the touch of a button. REading political speeches, international laws, multitudes of literature are all activities that have the potential to elevate learning. But the current culture of students proves to be unreceptive to the technological advances(Source E). A major concern of the is finding the right balance of traditional and technological teaching values.

Traditional skills such as writing have been considered the foundation of education, but by replacing it with typing on a keyboard student begin to live with holes in their learning. Before thrusting a child into the new methods of learning we must prompt them with the necessary knowledge to survive. If “these kids don’t know to swim, [then] fitting them out with scuba gear isn’t just useless, it’s irresponsible; they’ll drown’(Source E. Should students first learn the basics and now how to think creatively, discern between quality sources of learning, and focus and enrich their mental health on their own technology would be an amazing assest and step of growth.

When debating on the hows and whats of being technology into school life, the mental development of each student should be weighed with the magnitude of growth that is limited by what stunts it.


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