A Comparative Analysis of the Dependency Theory, Modernization Theory and the World System Theory

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Development theories are integrated vision of theories with regards to how venerable change in society is best achieved. Among these theories of development include; modernization theory, dependency theory and world system theory. This purpose of the paper is to review difference between Modernization Theory, Dependency Theory, and World Systems Theory as well as selecting the theory that best explains social change by giving reason.

World system theory put more emphasis on a larger division of labor that takes places nationally, regionally and internationally with nations lodging a basic, peripheral role or middle ground semi-periphery. These roles can be mutually beneficial and the roles of a particular nation can vary over time. Dependency theory on the other hand, states that the poor periphery nations are exploited for the benefit of making the core nations rich (Walsh.R, 2014).

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Development theory states that due to colonial and post-colonial events, the nations at the periphery (also known as developing nations) are consistently exploited by those at the core (the developed nations).While modernization theory states describes the transformative processes of societies from under development to modern societies (Difference, 2015).

In relation to timeline, dependency theory emerged as a response to modernization theory while modernization theory emerged in the 1950s (Difference, 2015).With regards to economic development, dependency theory points out the inequality in the world system where the developing nations are exploited impeding them from development. While modernization theory points out that development is a purely an internal factor relying on several social processes, and the developing nations are still at a stage where they have not attained modernization (Difference, 2015).

Modernization theory describes the progress and development of technology in developed nations of the world. Dependency theory on the other hand, describes the effects of modernization in one region has on the other regions of the world. Dependency theory is more inclusive as compared to modernization theory (,n.d).

World system theory best explains social change due to the following reasons.One,it establishes a strong connection between social sciences-particularly amongst sociology, economics and political disciplines. This theory gives more attention to individual development of each of these disciplines instead of interaction amongst them and how these interactions afflict in real terms the national conditions of some societies.Two,it studies the reality of social system.Three,it acknowledges the new character of the capitalist system by providing a concrete evidence to advocate open rivalry, more productive patterns in the industrial sector, and wide groups of population that offered labor for the new established firms (Reyes.G.E,n.d).

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