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A Comparison Of The Deaths Caused By Hurricane Katrina And Police Cruelty in America

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Katrina and Police Brutality

Hurricane Katrina was one of the top five deadliest natural disasters that have occurred. There were approximately 2000 deaths; however it was not just the storm that caused all of these deaths. There were many other reasons for deaths during Katrina and one of those was police brutality. There were multiple incidents that occurred which involved police brutality. One of the most known incidents was the Danziger Bridge, then there was the Henry Glover incident, and finally the looters incident.

It was September 4th, 2005 just a few days after Katrina when an incident occurred on Danziger Bridge which involved New Orleans police. Police were called to the scene and stated that 4 individuals were shooting at them. Ronald has mental problems and neither of the brothers had a criminal record. The brothers were on their way to a family member’s place where they were staying due to Katrina. The police then fired back at the Ronald and Lance Madison who they say were shooting at them. The Police then shot and killed Ronald. Lance stated that he seen a couple of teenagers that were shooting at the police. The 6 Bartholomew family members were also on the bridge at the time of the shooting. 5 of the 6 members of the family had been shot by police including Susan, she was shot and her arm by police and her arm was just attached by a piece of skin. Out of the 5 members that were hit one family friend had been shot to death by police. Now 5 current and former New Orleans police officers have been found guilty for the deaths on Danziger Bridge by Federal Jury.

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On September 2nd , 2005 31 year old Henry Glover was walking through an empty parking lot, when police officers spotted and without warning a police officer fired shots at him and hit him on his chest. No police officer attempted to help Glover even though he was severely injured. William Tanner was in his vehicle driving y the empty parking lot when he spotted Glover. Tanner then attempted to help him and took him to nearby police officers. When he asked police for help they simply arrested Tanner and a police officer drove away in his car while injured Henry Glover inside. Days later the car was found near a police station with Glovers body burned inside beyond recognition. Four police officer were charged for the cover up of Henry Glovers murder. David Warren, the officer who shot Glover was convicted of manslaughter in 2010 and sent to prison for 25 years.

After Katrina police stated that they received a command to shoot all looters all though some police officers refused to go through with this command. They say they used phrases like “ “shoot looters,” “take back the city,” or “do what you have to do” are fragmentary.” There were videotapes where police officers would shoot people because of the command that they had received. After this “command” was given 11 people had been shot.


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