A Comparison on Military Leaders so Blood-Thirsty They Became Legends: Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler

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Over time there were many great evil rulers. Two important evil rulers/emperors throughout the world were Genghis Khan and Vlad III Dracula. Both of these ruler/emperors had things in common but led different stories.

Vlad III Dracula or Romanian Vlad was born in Transylvania (Romania today). He was the second of four brothers born into the noble family of Vlad II Dracula. Vlad gets his name from when his father was inducted into “The Order of the Dragon” created by the Roman Emperor Sigismund. With his brothers,Dracula went to the court of Ottoman Sultan Murad II as some collateral to assure the sultan(Muslim sovereign ruler). Thisguaranteed their father’s previous position. In 1448, Dracula returned home to his father and older brother’sassassination by the Walachin the year before. In order to regain his fathers previously held seat,Dracula had a life long series of campaigns. Once gaining the positon, he was only able to retain it for two months. Eight years of struggle soon followed with Dracula switching sides. During this period of reign and power,Dracula impaled his victims with stakes, then left the stakes in the groundleaving the army to die. He would impale foreign and domestic enemies that fit the group of people who looked like the ottoman, becoming known as Dracula the impaler. While retreating from battle in 1462 Dracula left a field filled with thousands of impaled victims and workers as a hope to discourage the Ottoman forces. Following this, he was captured by Hungarian forces only to be imprisoned, just after escaping the Ottoman capture. In 1476 he regained his chair only to be killed shortly after in battle. Dracula remained the folk hero in the reign for his efforts against the Ottoman encroachment.

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Genghis Khan, born Temujin, was a Mongolian warrior and ruler. He created the longest running empire in the world, the Mongolian empire. He was born in 1162 and was married by the age of 16. Khan was a member of the Borjign tribe and a descendant of Khabul Khan. When he was about 20 he began building the large empire with intent to destroy individual tribes and reunitedunder his rule. Temujin was born with a blood clot in his hand, which is a sign in Mongol folklore that he was destined to become a leader. When his dad died, he returned home to claim the position of head clan chief, but the clan refused to recognize the young boy’sleadership and ostracized his family and half brothers to almost refugee status. In a dispute over a hunting expedition Khan killed his half brother showing that he was the head of the family. When Khan married Borte, he had created an alliance with the KonKirat tribe. With there many children, only the male children with Borte were qualified for the succession in the family. Then, Khan was captured and temporarily enslaved and eventually escaped with the help of a sympathetic captor, afterwards he started a fighting group. They set out to destroy traditional tribes and reunite them under Mongol rule. He became know destine to rule the world once defeating the Taicihi army and Namaian army (universal ruler). As the Mongol empires population grew, food and resources became scarce. Genghis Khan died in 1227 but the Mongol Empire live on for 141 more years.

Vlad III Dracula and Genghis Khan were apart of many evil things. They had many things in common. Dracula and Khan both married very young. To come into power both of their dads were assassinated allowing them to start the journey to become leaders. Before they both became these leaders had come down too nothing but rose to create empires. Also to gain the power they had to defeat-kill their brothers to became the front runners for the head position. Unlike Dracula, Khancreated the Mongol empire whereas Dracula was trying to destroy the Ottoman empire.

Vlad III Dracula and Genghis Khan led very different but similar lives. One started one of the greatest empire, while one tried to destroy another. While doing these, acts they both slaughtered thousands of people. Dracula killed with the impaling and wars with people. While Khan killed taking over all of the Northeast Asia tribes to create the Mongol Empire. These two people led such different lives but had such similar evil legacy’s in how they ruled and killed in this world.

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