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A Complex Issue of Drug Trafficking in the World

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Maria Full of Grace

We’re going to need a lot more than grace though…

Drug trafficking has always been a complex issue among all the countries in the world; cocaine from Colombia, heroin from Asia, marijuana from Mexico; each country has its export and its addictions and the people will do anything to get it. According to the news and government official statements, we are “winning” this war on drugs, confiscating drugs en mass, preventing them from coming into the country.

Entering the field of business it all comes down to supply and demand. People love their drugs, but they are difficult to get into the country, so the price should be going up, right? Why is it then, according to, drug prices are dropping and drug purity and quality is rising? Business professionals should be baffled!

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It’s so clear, but the governments are working so hard to hide it; the drug industry is without a doubt growing, and very rapidly. The drug lords are developing was of shipping and importing drugs faster than officials could prevent them. It’s easy to believe a picture of tons of drugs and weapons on a table surrounded by well trained and heavily armed police men and woman, but the truth is right in front of us, drugs are getting better and cheaper, they are being produced more than ever and being imported and exported, to and from ,all over the world.

The movie Maria Full of Grace did an amazing job explaining and visualizing this drug growth phenomenon. When we imagine a mule or a drug related member, we commonly picture a cruel, “battle hardened” and serious man. A man who is ruthless in his ways and will kill anyone who gets in between him and his money; what we don’t imagine is a commonplace girl of 20 years or so who we might actually sympathies with. I’m referring to María Álvarez, the main character and a drug mule from Colombia.

She was what we described as a “likeable” character. She was a plain girl who never meant for any trouble, who was just doing this to help her family and simply survive. She is a symbol of what the drug industry has pioneered in the new age. They no longer use these hardened men, they are simply too obvious. Professional drug traffickers use the average person, someone who looks like us, talks like us, lives and breathes like us, and is just trying to do what we all try to do on a daily basis, survive and earn a buck or two in the process.

The average human mule isn’t the only utility drug traffickers have at their disposal. In fact, they are becoming more resourceful by the hour. According to 60 Minutes’ segment “The War Next Door” drug cartels are supplied with heavy machine guns, assault rifles, Barrett .50 Caliber sniper rifles, and much more heavy weaponry that has been purchased right here in the United States, and the use them very often too. According to BBC News since December 2006 there have been over 36,000 drug war related casualties in Mexico alone.

The tendrils of the drug cartels grasp much more than the average person, but the very police and government of Mexico as well. BBC News States “One reason why the government has deployed the army so extensively is that it feels the police cannot be trusted. Drug cartels with massive resources at their disposal have repeatedly managed to infiltrate the underpaid police, from the grassroots level to the very top. Efforts are under way to rebuild the entire structure of the Mexican police force…” but this drug war doesn’t stop at the border, it reaches into the United States just as much for the cartels have made alliances with local drug gangs and build branches within US borders.

According to MSNBC “At least 106 U.S. residents were victims of “executions” or “homicides” directly related to drug battles in Mexico in 2010, compared to 79 in 2009 and 35 in 2007, according to the State Department figures. And experts — and the State Department itself — say the number is certainly much higher. For example, the State Department doesn’t list several recent high-profile deaths that have been publicly linked to the drug cartels or cases in which Americans have vanished or been killed in the U.S. by Mexican drug gangs.”

Drugs don’t know borders, they don’t know race, they don’t know ethnicity nor social status; neither do drug lords and cartels. They want all of our money and they will use their immense political and financial resources to get what they want. The evidence is right in front of us and don’t let anyone fool you, we are NOT winning this war; drugs and cartels are on the rise and they threaten our borders and our lives. This is not a war we could leave to the hands of governments to fight on their own, we must get in on this with everything we’ve got.


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