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A Connection Between Homosexuality And Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that gauges one’s action as being morally upright or wrong. It is an efficient approach that aims to maximize the overall good in an individual which can either produce positive or negative consequences to the society.

Homosexuality is a contemporary moral issue that directly impacts our society, and we can apply the influential utilitarianism theory to address the matter. Simply put, gay marriagerefers to the practice of same-sex union which might undermine our societal morals and family values. The same-sex marriage has been around for some time and has sparked significant debates regarding whether it is a morally upright or wrong issue.

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According to utilitarianism, if being a gay gives someone maximum pleasure and happiness, then there should be no reason to think that homosexuality is evil, sinful, and immoral (Perry 67). As such, we should not end up oppressing and causing animosity towards people who engage in homosexuality. Utilitarianism suggests that homosexuality arises from an unhappy home life characterized by confusion in sexual identity. And if someone finds happiness or pleasure fulfillment, then they should just engage in homosexuality.

Another point from utilitarianism theory on homosexuality is thatif the marriage does not lead to significant harm to the society, then it is acceptable (Rachels and James 110). Without any doubts, same-sex couples have a role to playin the communitysuch as helping to care for children of a family member rather than procreating. They will spare their time and give their complete attention to the living offspring hence providing them a better chance of survival. That, of course, does not harm the society and as such, homosexuality is acceptable.

Utilitarianism also suggests that people’s freedom ought to get protected, and one should be able to do what they want within their limits. Thus, we can’t condemn gays for engaging in something we know isn’t that bad. In fact, gays should be free to choose sexual partners to be happy and productive. Depriving them this freedom can lead to aggression and depression, which can negatively impact them or other societal members. Hence we should come up with laws thatfreely allows gays to consent their sexual activities without discrimination.

We are all unique creatures created by a mighty being. As such, we deserve equality when it comes to total satisfaction in life. It’s not wrong being a gay. In fact, utilitarianism suggests that people should understand their sources of true interests that promotes happiness and satisfaction (Brunon, 20). Otherwise, if gaysgetdenied these privileges, the resultant effect might be controversy, disagreements, struggle, and unjust violence.From another utilitarian standpoint, provided one does not attempt to deprive others of their rights, same-sex couples should pursue their happiness through marrying their partner to increase their utility and capacity for achievement.


Since we all deserve the right to be happy, we should take the bold step and tolerate all gays and lesbians since they consider their marriage as being an appropriate act that produces maximum happiness. Just the same way the utilitarian principle suggests, we should not say no to gay marriage, but let them live their lives and enjoy the rights they are entitled.


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