A Critical Study of Consumerism in Health Care

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Past, Present and Future of Facility Design

Healthcare consumerism and the advancing technology have brought a significant influence on facility design. Consumerism in health care refers to the act of transforming the health benefit plan of the employer into one that promotes, protects and prioritizes the interests of the consumer. Consumerism entails supplying the consumers with the decision and information support tools that they require together with financial incentives among other benefits that facilitate personal involvement in changing the purchasing behaviors in healthcare.

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Consumerism has increased significantly in the healthcare industry because of the cost-sharing models that have been emerging for the last ten years. Also, the high-deductible health care plans and the health insurance that is outlined in the Affordable Care Act and Patient protection have facilitated consumerism. The population of people across the world has been on the rise as well. About fifty years ago the United States of America had less than 209 million people. Today, the number has increased significantly to around 326 million people. The health facilities in the past were not accommodative to many people, and only about four patients could be treated in the wards. Also, there were no private wards during this time.

The increasing population facilitated the expansion of the facility so that every patient can be served most efficiently. For this reason, the Affordable Care Act and the Patient protection were enacted to help facilitate the required growth entailing facilitating and promoting the interests of the consumers. The enhancement of these statutes left many patients with large deductibles that encouraged them to look out for more cost-effective care that would not affect their financial capabilities. For these reasons, the trend of consumerism has been on the rise.

The advanced technology today has led to a society that is more informed about their healthcare needs compared to the past decades. The need to provide healthcare that can appease the well-informed patients have been core. The emergence of the websites for healthcare and the mobile applications have made it easier for the consumers of health care to acquire the necessary information about health care and also achieve the most cost-effective and quality care data.

systems to monitor the past, present and the future trends of facility design so that they can be able to keep up with the dynamic working environment and patient needs. Understanding these trends and adapting to them enable the health care system to provide quality and sustainable health care.

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