A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted

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A Day without Laughter Is a Day Wasted

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What could you go a whole day without doing?

For me, the answer is pretty simple. No, I'm not talking about my phone, food, sleeping or all those necessary things. Im talking about something that elevates you up whether you’re feeling like it or not. What im talking about is a treasure, there is nothing that is more valuable than it. What could I possibly be talking about?, Money?, Education? If I were reading this paper I would be dying to find out too. But I think you can already guess by the title. Laughter is my answer to this distinguished question.

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“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” There is no better way to put it. Going a whole day without laughing is like going a whole day without drinking water, staring at your crush or even breathing.

There is something about laughter that gives it so much privilege over other things. The beauty inside is indescribable. Laughter gives you the ability to love and accept everyone around you. When you laugh you forget about everything else. You forget about all your stress and pain in that moment and you feel yourself relaxing and wanting to laugh even more. Laughing is the best medicine mentally and physically though you might need medicine if you’re laughing for no reason.

You might find me laughing at anything, any day and anytime. No I don't need medicine it's just it takes time for me to get the jokes most of my friends attempt to crack. Thirty to forty minutes later they stare at me like im crazy but the truth is the joke is still funny. One joke might last up to two to three days and still be fresh.

I live with my mom and two younger sisters so as you can tell im the oldest child. My parents divorced my first year of highschool due to my dad being deported back to his home country. My dad is already remarried and I couldn't be happier for him. He is my best friend and my everything. I love my mom too because she’s hardworking and very percipient. She is french and I love when she speaks it it's so beautiful. I don't get along with my two sisters much but we’re not enemies. One time I was talking to my sister and she told me for her college admissions essay she wants to write about gender and sexuality. So I said okay and she said “but I dont want them to think im homophobic” I laughed at those words for a week. Everytime i'm not doing anything I recall the event then start bursting. I felt great that whole week thanks to this strong and marvelous emotion.

I love playing basketball anytime of day but im at my happiest when reading a really nice book about romance. I just love love and the process of it all happening. Volunteering is something I really put time into. I love helping people for whatever they may need. I don’t know exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love helping people and I know whatever I decide on will involve me being there for people. I love learning and wish to continue learning new things whether in school or not. Keep laughing, you're bound for something big when you do.

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