A Desire to Escape from Reality to Fantasy World in Ready Player One Novel

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A Desire to Escape From Reality to Fantasy World in Ready Player One Novel

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Ready Player One Intervention of Technology

What is reality? What is fantasy? In the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Reality is an illusion to everyone in this society. People rely on technology in OASIS game to make their lives feel better than reality. In this novel, our Earth’s nature has been destroy, we have no resources or money, the only way to make money is to work inside OASIS, the jobs they have are like normal jobs we have right now. Adult work inside OASIS, kids goes school in OASIS too, after school they could play OASIS game or log off and go back to reality.

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Ready Player One novel help civilians to earn money and teaches kid in school. Also they people can also earn more money by playing the game. It’s very helping our society when there is no more hope for human species. OASIS created to help people escape the reality and think more positive activity. “ At a time of drastic social and cultural upheaval, when most of the world’s population longed for an escape from reality, the OASIS provided it, in a form that was cheap, legal, safe, and not (medically proven to be) addictive” (Cline 59). People have been living like this for decades. OASIS is people lives, freedom, dreams, and they will do anything in OASIS to gain more money to survive in real world. When Halliday died, he left two hundred and forty billion dollar to the winner of his game, people will do anything to get this prize because money is everything in real world or OASIS. Halliday created an Easter egg, all his values, company, and his fortune of his life will be in the Easter egg. First player find the egg inherit his properties. “‘Before I died,’ Anorak says, speaking in a much deeper voice, ‘I created my own Easter egg, and his it somewhere inside my most popular videogame-the OASIS. The first person to find my Easter egg will inherit my entire fortune’” (Cline 5). Halliday have been the secret of the technology in Ready Player One novel, and had been help his people to forget reality and think positively side of the world.

In Ready Player One, players could go to school in OASIS game and they could also go to school in reality if they have no problem, but most people go to school on OASIS because they have more confidence with themselves online and they can be anyone, any personality they want. “I’d attended school in the real world up until sixth grade. I was a painfully shy, awkward kid, with low self-esteem and almost no social skills-a side effect of spending most of my childhood inside the OASIS. Online, I didn’t have a problem talking to people or making friends. But in real world, interacting with other people-especially kids my own age-made me a nervous wreck. I never knew how to act or what to say, and when I did work up the courage to speak, I always seemed to say the wrong thing” (Cline 30). Scientist have been proven that people do like to talk on internet than outside world, people do have lots of personality on internet and people do have different attitude too. It’s like your friends, you know for years and they talk differently on internet.

In OASIS, people can get more money to raise their kids and to survive by having jobs. Inside OASIS jobs is like jobs that we having right now, teaching, police, telemarketer, ect. “My mother, Loretta, had raised me on her own. We’d lived in a small RV in another part of the stacks. She had two full-time OASIS jobs, one as a telemarketer, the other as an escort in an online brothel” (Cline 15). It’s really help people society after the Global Energy Crisis when everything dies out, plants, food, and oil. (We needed a whole bunch of energy to build it, and we got that energy by burning fossil fuels, which came from dead plants and animals buried deep in the group. We used up most of this fuel before you got here, and now it’s pretty much all gone. This means that we no longer have enough energy to keep our civilization running like it was before. So we’ve had to cut back. Big-time. We call this the Global Energy Crisis, and it’s been going on for a while now” (Cline 17). This is also the beginning why people would try to forgetting reality and join the fantasy world.

What can you do between fantasy and reality? In Ready Player One novel by Ernest Cline, he have given us many prove that people wanted to escape reality to fantasy world. People going to school and working on OASIS. OASIS is a program that cost a quarter and they are basically a life inside a video game, you can also play video game, talk to friends, goes to school, get a job, make money that also mean something in the real world. Many people escape reality and join up fantasy world to forget the horrible world they lived in after Global Energy Crisis.

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