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A detailed research on revolutionary Abigail Adams based on a study of two books

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The book is explaining about a woman called Abigail and her encounters in life (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). From the background, her entire family appears to be raised through public official jobs, landowners, and merchants. The book is indicating that her family lived a luxurious life since the nature of their housing appears to be having good furniture and equipped with all kind of staffs. Besides being a church leader, her father was also a farmer. Therefore, Abigail and her siblings learned to be managers and workers as well. However, it appears that Abigail failed to go to school since she had a poor health. Thereby, she happens to be taught how to read and write by her mother when at home. Again, her family members had equipped libraries that she also benefited. At the age of eleven, a tutor known as Richard came in to be teaching the children.

This book demonstrates that Richard’s skills and knowledge of classical languages were reputable that he was able to deliver the expected teachings to the kids (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). At some point, the books explain that the kids almost withdrew from the idea of marriage since they had acquired enough skills to intimidate the young men who seemed materialistic. Consequently, one of the sisters happens to marry the tutor. In addition, John Adams, another friend to Abigail, seems to have learned in depth the characteristics of Abigail’s father. At some point, he begins to court Abigail. However, the entire family considers John as an unworthy suitor since where they term his job as a middle-quality job. Besides, they argue that law was not an appealing profession. Despite the issue, he is able to overcome the objection. At last, Abigail and John get married where they later the get five children.

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In most circumstances, John happens to be absent from home. His expertise career as a lawyer subjects him to a lot of work. He is always held up in court cases in several cities including Boston. Later he is sent to far way places considering his extended period of time. During this prolonged absence, Abigail is left to handle most of the responsibility of the family such as household finances. In addition, after an evolutionary war, John gets committed to far away court cases. As such, Abigail meets a major blow when his husband gets appointed as a commissioner in France representing France. Moreover, her eldest son joins his father where she is left at home with the other children. Consequentially, she is subjected to living without the two for about one and a half years. At the end of the commission, John returns to Braintree then after a short rest he joins into the work of the constitutional convention. Later on, he gets anointed as a sole minister where he is sent to Britain to negotiate peace and takes two sons with him where.

Apparently, John wishes that Abigail joins them but gets confused about the issue because of the long sea voyage. However, at last, Abigail leaves for Paris where the family lives for a while then later relocate to England. During this era, Abigail becomes more sophisticated regarding fashion, politics, and food preparation for her later duties as a wife of the so called vice president of the United States and later a president. It appears that Abigail is the first lady to live in the White house. Her attributes suggest that she possesses extraordinary traits. The woman is termed as a politically astute and erudite woman. Basically, her influence on the husband’s critical reasoning suggests so. However, Abigail dies from typhoid fever.

Marston, Daniel, and Daniel Marston. 2011. The American Revolutionary War. New York: Rosen Pub.

The Analysis of the Book

According to the explanation made in this book concerning Abigail, it appears to be well researched since it has a well-directed focus (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). For instance, from the beginning to the end of this book, a clear history of Abigail is outlined. At the start, we are clearly introduced to the birth and growth of Abigail. Particularly she is brought up by caring parents and grows to be a successful woman. Afterwards, Abigail meets a man who they later marry and gets several children. The husband succeeds in his career where he ends up being a successful and famous man. On the other hand, the lady supports the husband by all means to the end where they end up succeeding together. Besides being well researched, the book also appears to be valuable (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). To begin with, the book tries to address the issue of marriage and sex. In a certain instance, Abigail and John exchange letters due to a reaction to sex after a long time without communicating. Sex roles appear to reciprocate since men are supposed to be responsible for their conjugal rights just as women do. Above that, the book indicates that women should be educated, skillful, hardworking, and intellectual. Abigail reflects her ancient education and skills since she is able to work and support the children in her later life. Besides, she later gets a good job where her education supports the profession. Moreover, this book illustrates the importance of good parenthood. As Abigail is being left alone, she does her best to support the children by all means. Similarly, the same aspect is seen by Abigail’s parents who brought her up in a responsible manner and she ends up being a good house wife. Particularly, the most important aspect drawn from the book is the value of politics.

The book appears to portray the history of John Adams who was the second president of America (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). There is detailed information which explains the passage through which John Adams has experienced before attaining his position. It is evident that he had begun as an ordinary lawyer but his efforts and knowledge cultivated him and ended up being recognized in many areas of the country and later reached to be a president. Moreover, through his history, we get to learn about the American revolutionary war. It appears to have been a conflict brought about by political differences Britain and the United States (Marston, Daniel, & Daniel, 2011). In this case, John Adams is being selected to act as an advocate of the United States where there was a peace negotiation.

The aspect indicated in the book also portrays the nature of revolution (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). Abigail keeps on passing through many encounters throughout her history through encountering a lot of things in life and kept on changing and adapting to new situations. In this case, also the revolutionary war also revolved and raised a lot of issues where others are significant and others are bad. However, they all bring forth to useful life implications. Besides, I also find the book interesting since it has a lot of significant teachings and is well planned (“Abigail Adams: a revolutionary American woman”, 2008). For instance, Abigail portrays endurance and intellectual aspects. Despite all the difficulties she comes across, she stands firm and intellects his husband until they end up being successful. Moreover, the book figures out a lot of minds- capturing spectacles such as the way Richard, the tutor, portrays good skills in his profession and ends up marrying a sister to Abigail. The book is quite educational and inspirational as well.


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