How My Family Have Taught Me About the Virtue of Love

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One thing I’m really afraid to lose in my life is my Family. Since the day that I was born, they were always there to help me, especially my Mom and Dad.

It was my birthday way back 2005 where my Mom and Dad always taught me to be kind with others. I can still remember their voice saying “You should always be kind to others no matter how they treat you”. I can still remember the day where I got into a big fight with a childhood friend of mine. My parents heard about it and Instead of scolding me, they told me to apologize to that person. I was their only child that time that I was so spoiled with everything. They spoiled me with their time and attention, with the things I want to have, and the things I really want to do. Even though my Dad was busy working that time, he still managed to check us always and he still managed to give us his time and attention. Every time my Dad comes home from work, we always bond together as a family. Like having dinner together, and talking about how our day went.

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Way back year 2012, my Mom told me that I will be having a little sister soon. At first, I was afraid, because everything might just change. But when months passed by and my little sister came in our life, things really changed. We became happier with her in our life. Our youngest sister also came in our life after a few years. I used to tell both of them about the things I love the most. Until now, we always hangout every time we come home from school. When I come home exhausted from school, they always cheer me up by giving me long tight hugs. I thought having them in my life will just change the relationship between me and my parents, but I was wrong. My Parents’ treatment towards me never changed. They remained the same. They still spoil me with everything, just like how they also spoil my two little sisters now. It gets happier now when we hangout as a family, we travel together, eat together, make silly things together, and talk with each other together. Now that we are getting older and older, I’m afraid that one day they will just be taken away from me. They are one of the main reasons why I am happy. They make me smile, laugh, and cry. I would treasure every moment with them because we don’t know what tomorrow brings to us.

We might get into an argument and fight sometimes, but at the end of the day, Love will always win. The most amazing thing I learned and experienced from my family is Love. No matter what happens, It never fades. People may be taken away from us, but the memories and the feelings towards that person will always remain.

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