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Jane Langton wrote a very interesting book. It goes with the other five fantasies of the Halls family, The Time Bike. The name of this book intrigues many people. It is about a kid named Eddy Hall. He gets a bike that he always wanted for his birthday, after it is stolen, he gets a package from India, and it was a box big enough for a bike.

In Concord, Massachusetts, Eddy Hall, an eighth grader, on his birthday got a new bike. He left it on his front porch through the night. Next morning the bike had vanished, this disappointed Eddy because he knew that his aunt and uncle could not afford to buy another bike. Eddy wanted to find out who did this. While he was at school, his aunt received a box from India. It had an old bike that once Eddy looked at he rejected right away. A couple of days later he decided to look at his bike from his distant uncle. He looked at its speedometer, but it was not one, it was a clock. Then by his characteristic of curiosity, he looks closer on to the clock and finds two dials that say: DAYS and YEARS. He looked at the tag on the bike and he noticed it said “The Time Bike.” Next Eddy shows the theme of the story by trying to take the easy way out and jump finals week so he can graduate 8th grade. Then he finds out that he fails every class, which then makes him go to summer school.

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Eddy decides to make an easy trip and only go back one day. A fun day so he can live it once more. When he went back, he saw himself having fun, and saw his new bike that was stolen. He had solved who had stolen his bike. Once he came back to the real time, he wondered if he could fix things that went wrong in the past. He wanted to be the hero who saved time. Eddy left his bike in the back porch where it is stolen again, but it comes back the next day by its self with no driver. Next, he decides to help his Uncle, go to Henry Thoreau’s time to find out how he lived, and tell him. After, he decides to go to Rome, but then his sister Eleanor had taken the time bike. She went to a celebration of a movie star, whom had been killed the same day. She wanted save him from the death car. She could not persuade him to drive his car, which led to his inevitable death. Now when he decided to go to Rome, Oliver, his best friend, wanted to see the bike, when Oliver broke the bike, Eddy’s trip was postponed once again. Now Eddy was looking for the missing piece of the magical clock that runs the bike. He tried putting it together and everything fit except one piece that he thought was not necessary for the clock. The next morning he went on his trip and found that during his trip through time, the bike would not stop. Once it did stop by using manual brakes, he ended up on shore where his clock was broken and pieces were drifting off to sea… He was stuck in the past. He then told the bike to resolve his situation. He said an incantation for hope to get him home. He finds himself back in the corner where he stowed his bike. The next couple of days many coincidences happened and The Time Bike was stored away in the attic since it would no longer work.

This book, The Time Bike by Jane Langton has a very interesting plot. It gives an impression for people that like adventurous books. This book is exciting and goes with the other fantasies of the Hall family series by Jane Langton. This book is fun to read and uses good imagery.

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