A Few Solutions to Prevent Cyber Warfare

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In today’s technologically advanced world, cyber warfare and espionage, and cyber crimes in general have become an increasingly dangerous threat as almost every government entity and individual is exposed to the cyberspace in some way or the other. The first step that we should take, as a committee is to define cyber warfare, cyber espionage and cyberspace as well, only then will we be able to come up with the most innovative solutions to prevent these and put a stop to them at a global scale. Cyber warfare is already a major problem worldwide and it’s not always performed by governments but also by non-state actors and hackers, which is a supplementary problem for governments as the extent of people that know how to hack other networks is very high and is increasing at a fast rate. The only tool required is a computer, which billions of people have.

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Recent experiences in the Syrian Conflict indicate that this is largely true as cyber capabilities have greatly increased the propaganda abilities of the non-state actors and even non-combatants to significantly engage in the war effort. Syria has been a victim of cyber crimes as a handful of cyber attacks against Syria have been carried out by terrorist organizations such as the ISIS, who used cyber weapons as means to damage the important government systems, as well as foreign powers, such as the United States of America, who caused Syria to suddenly lose all connection to the internet according to Edward Snowden, the surveillance snitch.

Though it may seem impossible, there are a few solutions to prevent cyber warfare and espionage in the near future, and if the committee works together, we can reach a mutual consensus.


  1. Emphasizing on the importance of International Cooperation and Treaties. Similar to the situation regarding nuclear arms, nations must realize cyber war will never end once it begins, and thus put a stop to it peacefully.
  2. Implementing international laws and legislations. Countries have just begun defining cyberspace etc., so in order to prevent these attacks in cyberspace we must take certain steps and implement international laws and rules, while also defending the interests of major nations.

Threats in cyberspace are becoming a major issue for cyber security, not just in Syria, but also at a global scale. In order to prevent these actions and crimes from taking place, we must act now. The delegate of Syria looks forward to a fruitful and productive debate in order to solve the issues at hand.

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