A Few Words About Communism and People


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Marx criticized capitalism and proposed a solution for a better and stronger economy system, a system that will make our future safer where no one is lift behind (communism). Karl was not a big fan of capitalism because he saw how the workers are being used and exploited. For Marx, it is not fair that any profit generated by the employees goes to the business owner, that is why Karl denounced in his books to abolish this form of inequality. In the recent history and after the second world war II, several countries were inspired of how communism is working in the USSR. Chile and Cuba were among these countries, they both have attempted to institute their own version of communism.

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Most of the time people get confused between socialism and communism, these two terms are close in meaning where socialism states that equal share in profit and property are what workers deserve, while communism states that workers should not be forced to work for money instead they should work as much as they can, and get as much as they need. Most if not all of the attempts of achieving this ideal philosophy ended up so bad, we saw governments get corrupted, living standards getting very low, human rights and freedom of speech getting violated, and in the case of the USSSR a total collapse and failure. The question that arises is that why communism hasn’t worked out throughout history. Most people who criticized communism believe that this philosophy removes the incentive and the desire for people to work harder than they can handle, this creates nonintentional inequality where workers receive the same even if some of them work less. This explain why most countries in the world don’t adopt communism as it economic system, because even if it sounds great in theory it’s a disastrous in practice.

We can’t talk about Communism without talking about capitalism. When we say Communism, we say also capitalism that Carl Marx didn’t agree with. We all agree that we need to improve our economic system, capitalism seems to be working better than communism until a crisis happen and people start suffering especially the poor. So, is communism just a political and economic ideas that design disastrously planned economies and nasty dictatorships or it’s more than that. To get to know what communism is best at we have to take a look on what capitalism is bad at, in other words we shouldn’t reject Marx too quickly. Through Marx’s works, we can see his diagnosis of capitalism illness. The first thing that comes to mind that Carl hate the most is that in a capitalist economy workers get paid little while capitalists get rich. In particular, Marx believed that capitalist do this in purpose in order to skim off wide profit margin, he called this a primitive accumulation.

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