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During the span of a person's life, they are meant with certain critical decisions that can affect there day to day lives. Living a healthy lifestyle can be a beneficial thing that can make someone’s life better, depending on what a person's diet is to how often they are physically active to the amount of water they are taking in can affect how their lifestyle is. Even keeping up with their BMI is can greatly impact a person’s life.

What is BMI? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation that can be done that tells a person that if they are underweight, normal weight, or overweight (Better Health). To get a person’s BMI you simply taking their weight and height putting it into a BMI calculator which then gives out a number that depending on where it falls in a BMI chart will tell someone whether they are of normal weight or not (Better Health). BMI can help a person to start to see what changes they can make for their lifestyle as they can see if they are the right weight for what there Hight is. For example, if you were to have a person who’s Hight is 5 feet 5 inches who weighed around 170 pounds they are concerned overweight which means that they landed on the percentage that they are considered as over wait. But according to the BMI chart, they are almost to the point in which they are concerned normal weight sense their BMI would be 28 which is only three points away to be considered normal weight. With this information, this individual can physically see that they are almost considered normal weight and with that in mind they can start a process to change something in their health style to start lowering their BMI.

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Physical activity is a great way for a person to be physically fit which greatly improves how a person's life develops. A physically active person has greater chance of having fewer heart problems and as said by the Americans Heart Association “Studies show that people who begin to engage in regular physical activity and make other healthy changes after a heart attack live longer and have a better quality of life than those who don't” (Why is physical…). This shows that a person who lives a more physically active life has a far better healthy lifestyle than those who do not. Physical activity can be anything from running to just simply walking on a day to day bases. A person can go out and run for at least an hour a day which can greatly improve your overall health or just simply walk more if one is not able to run for a long time (Why is physical…). Working out can also help one to burn off calories which helps a person lose weight, but this also depends on the type of food that is consumed by someone, because if someone is to eat something that is considered unhealthy this can make it harder for someone to lose the desired weight that they would like. While if someone is eating more healthier it is easier for one to lose those calories since healthier food usually has a lesser number of kilocalories making it easier for someone to burn it off (

Dieting is a crucial part of becoming healthier because depending on what a person eats it can have a great impact on how one lives. By simply having a more healthy/balanced diet weather that is becoming a vegan, vegetarian, and or simply just reducing the number of carbohydrates that one consumes (Balanced Diet), they’re able to become healthier than those who eat things that are considered unhealthy. What is a balanced diet? A balanced diet, according to Healthline “A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly” (Healthline, Balanced Diet). Mean that your daily diet should consist of a meal that provide the different types of nutrients that your body needs regularly. For example, if someone was to eat foods that are unhealthy, they are putting themselves at risk for being in poor health in the future like having heart problems, being sick, and other problems that can hurt an individual. For one to stay in the weight range that is now, they would have to consume around 2,000 calories every day meaning that if one is to become healthier, they would simply consume less daily. But not so drastically since lowering that amount of calories that are consumed to drastically can harm one since their body hasn’t gotten used to the lower amount of food so slowly get into the habit of eating less but healthier (Healthline, Balance Diet). So, eating a great and balanced diet can greatly improve once health.

The average human being needs around four to six cups a day to meet the required amount in which is considered healthy (Harvard, How Much…). Water is an essential part of one’s wellbeing as it is needed for humans to survive, which also helps the body to function right. Some of the benefits of drinking water are carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria from your bladder, regulating body temperature, etc. (Harvard, How Much). Water is one of the most important martial for one to have a health impact in their lives but there is a limit to how much that can be drunk as drinking to much water can have a bad impact to one which is why it is important to just drink enough that is considered healthy. One of the main importance of water is keeping one from suffering from dehydration (Water & Nutrition), dehydration is caused when an individual isn’t drinking the required amount of water during the day for a long period of time, not dehydration can lead to the individual to pass out as their body isn’t able to function right (Harvard, How Much…). Water is vital for one to maintain a healthy and non-risky lifestyle.

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