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First person multiplayer shooter mobile app

Mobile games are mostly single-player games, putting the players against some preprogrammed instructions and challenges or some artificial intelligence controlled opponents. With the increase of single-player games and the demand for the multiplayer games , we decided to develop a first person multiplayer shooter mobile app. Online and multiplayer games are currently very popular, especially among the youths. Multiplayer game will allow the users/players to interact with other players(individuals )and they will be in a position to compete giving them some social communication and interaction that is absent in the single player games.In the multiplayer games, players involved will compete against two or more contestants(human) so as to achieve a common goal. Multiplayer games will give the players the privilege of supervising other player`s activity; they require the players to share the resources or use network technology to play together over a long distance. (Adams, 2014).

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The first person multiplayer shooter mobile app is a collaboration app designed and developed by a team of five people. The mobile app has got some ideal features that will make it popular and competitive in the current market. With the current demand of multiplayer game , the decent features of the game that involve online multiplayer mode gives the app a great value .the online multiplayer feature of the app gives the users the ability to upgrade their weapons.

Despite the many powerful features of the game, I identified some problems with the design that may affect the competitiveness of the mobile app based on the current market trend. The first critic is based on the design of the user interface. The design of the user interface is a major important element when it comes to game development. (Neil, 2014). The team responsible for the design of the First person multiplayer shooter mobile app provided too much information in the user interface that required too many inputs from the users. The much information will confuse the players, making it difficult for the players to interact with it. The appeal of good user interface will provide only the relevant information to the user and should be simple to use. To design a good interface, the team should have first understood the game inside out and the information that is important to play the game. They should also understand the size of the game and how the players should navigate through it.The interface has also got some wasted space which is as a result of the improper scaling and uses some inappropriate controls to navigate.

Another problem I identified in the mobile app was the app name. The name assigned to the app is too long. The ideal length of an app name should be around 10-15 characters. The app name should be short and unique so that it can be easily identified in the market.

The app uses a good style and theme that will make it competitive in the market. The style of the app will define attributes such as color, background, and padding. The app has got a good layout that is well designed improving the user`s interactivity. The app uses some gorgeous and bold colors that make it beautiful. The animations used in the app will attract users. The vibrations upon click on choices coupled with different color coding in the app is ideal for the attractiveness of the app .The mobile app has got different theme options making the users customize their games based on the preferences. The default theme and color of the application makes it look appealing to the players. The gorgeous animation and graphics used in the app in the interaction, navigation and loading bars make the app to be easy to use.Using yellow background makes the app to be perfect which is an ideal color for shooter games. The background makes the game to look real and interesting to the users. (Hoehle & Venkatesh,2015).

The price of the app, however, was too high as compared to another similar app in the market. Based on the fact that there are many different apps in the market, completion is high, and the high prices will discourage customers from buying the app. There is a need for the team to lower the price. (Lee & Raghu,2014).

Analyzing the performance of the game, there were some problems with the performance of the app. Despite the app having some multiplayer capabilities, the vast amount of the data is affecting its performance making it take a longer loading time. The above problem will discourage players affecting its competitiveness. With the growing demand for multiplayer games in the market, many players are expecting efficient mobile games based on performance.

The market for mobile application is growing at a faster rate and the industry for mobile game growing every day. New mobile games are being developed every day, and the number is expected to increase in future. The change of video industry today will require the developers to change specific elements of their products and price. With the growth of the portable technology such as smartphones and tablets, improvement of graphics mechanism is required in games. It is the responsibility of team, therefore, to modify the app before releasing it to cater for the needs of the current market. (Lee & Raghu,2014).

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