A Horrific Instance of Police Brutality in Trayvon Martin's Case

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The night of February 26, 2012 a young man was killed. Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old Afro-American high school student was going back home after a walk to a 7-eleven store when the incident happened. Trayvon Benjamin Martin son of Sybrina Fulton and tracy Martin, he and his father were visiting his father's fiancée and her son at her town home in Sanford, Florida on the day of the incident. She lived in The Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community Martin had visited several times before.

George Michael Zimmerman, was born on October 5, 1983 in Manassas, Virginia. In July 2005, Zimmerman was arrested after allegedly assaulting an undercover police officer who was attempting to arrest a friend of his at a bar. The charges were dropped after Zimmerman agreed to enter an alcohol education program. A month later in August Zimmerman's former fiancé filed a restraining order against him citing domestic violence as the cause. In 2009 he moved to a townhouse in the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida.

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“These assholes, they always get away” were the words that defined the future of the Trayvon Martin, after been chased and shot by George Zimmerman on the evening of February 26, 2012. Trayvon Martin was heading back home after he stopped in a 7-eleven store, when George Zimmerman, a watch leader of the neighborhood defined Martin as he told the police “ a real Suspicious guy”. Zimmerman called Sanford police at 7:09 to report his suspicions, after telling the officer what was the situacion Zimmerman asked 'How long until you can get an officer over here?' “Zimmerman complemented “these assholes, they always get away.'(Linder 2) This phrase suggests that Zimmerman can be angry and upset with the situation. This was not the first time that Zimmerman called law enforcement for minor infractions. On his records he had call the police 46 times before the incident. Martin talking to his friend Rachel Jeantel, complained that a creepy-ass cracka was watching him, warned by Jeantel that the man could be a rapist, Martin started to run. Zimmerman took the action to follow Martin after being told to not to by the officer on the phone. Four minutes after the call ends, according to Zimmerman in a interview later that night, “I was walking back through to where my car was and he jumped out from the bushes and he said, 'What the fuck's your problem, homey?' And I said, 'I don't have a problem,' and he goes, 'Now you have a problem,' and he punched me in the nose.' According to Zimmerman, the punch knocked him to the grass, where Martin continued to pummel him as 'I started screaming for help. I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe.'(Linder 3) No evidence was found that this was what really happened.

Martin’s friend, Jantel had another version of the encounter, according to her Zimmerman was the one who came face to face. She reported, 'I heard Trayvon say, 'Why are you following me for?' Then I heard a man, breathing hard, say, 'What are you doing here?'' As she yelled, 'Trayvon, Trayvon' she heard 'wet grass sounds' and then 'kind of heard' Trayvon saying, 'Get off, get off' before the phone shut off. Later in the night of the incident, Zimmerman retells the incident to Officer Doris Singleton “He grabbed my head and started hitting it into the sidewalk”, Zimmerman pulls himself back to the grass and yells “Help me, help me. He's killing me” and adds to Martins words “You're going to die tonight”. At that point, as he tried to slide away, 'my jacket and my shirt came up...and I felt his hand go down on my side and I thought he was going for my firearm. So I grabbed it immediately and as he banged my head again, I just pulled my firearm and shot him.' (Linder 3)  

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