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A Killing Habit

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Alcohol is the most lethal drug causing injuries, health problems and even deaths to people worldwide. Most people think that because cocaine, heroine and bang are not legalized then they are the most dangerous drugs but this is untrue. Alcohol is the only drug which can cause sudden death to the user in relation to its effects. Taking an example, people drinking in a bar are more likely to engage in a fight and eventually harm one another while somebody using cocaine will be at lower risk of engaging in physical fights with the colleagues. The incidences related to alcohol happen unknowingly only for the victim to regret the actions later when someone gets sober. The ability of a drug to be termed as harmful falls under the following three factors: the physical harms causes because of using the drug, the addiction levels of the drug, and the problems or the impacts the drug has towards the individual and the society (AolNews, 2010).

Those who drink alcohol most frequently are in danger of extinction. According to a recent research by the British Government, alcohol proved the most dangerous drug among the illegal drugs like heroin, marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. The addictive nature of alcohol makes the users to spend more time in the drinking joints therefore ignoring their duties leading to problems related to family and jobs. Moreover alcohol causes body harms and other environmental damages. The fact that drinking alcohol is legal makes it the most commonly used drug in the continent making its harmful effects devastating to both the drinkers and the people surrounding them, that is, the family, relatives, friends, and the colleagues. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes vital body organs like the liver, kidney, and the lungs to fail. In addition the drug has recorded the highest death rates compared to cocaine and heroin and most crime victims are fond of drinking alcohol (AolNews, 2010).

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The rate of drug use for alcohol records high as compared to other drugs like the heroine and the cocaine because alcohol drinking is seen as a social business as people come together to share a drink as they discuss their matters. Drinking with others also tempts someone to take more due to the influence or to please the friends. A study conducted in South-west Spain showed that alcohol caused a death rate of 76% which recorded the highest compared to the other drugs like the cocaine and heroin. A combination of alcohol with cocaine or heroin causes the greatest harms to the individual as when heroine or cocaine is taken singly. Therefore, this toxic lethal combination is very dangerous and leads to a lot of harm to the victims due to double body stimulation. Drugs are dangerous and associated with crimes, moreover the link between the use of alcohol and illicit drugs are very strong. The drug use rates higher for the young alcohol users between the ages of 16-24 years who use the combination of alcohol and other dangerous drugs like cocaine, marijuana and heroin (Home Affairs Committee, 2009).

Alcohol misuse causes a lot of pain to the victims and others associated with them due to emotional, financial and social damages caused by the drug. Some effects like the personal health problems causes harm to the individual but there are other effects like driving while drunk and home violence affecting the life of others. Unlike cocaine and heroin whose availability is scarce, alcohol being a licit drug finds its way in many people leading to high rates of consumption. The efforts by the government to stop heavy alcohol consumption through education and campaigns against the drug have not materialized. On the other hand, the processing companies continue to advertise the drug which encourages people to drink more and more. The desire for many people is to ban the use of all drugs regardless of their effects to human life. Research has proved that even if the alcohol user does not show violence during the early stages of consumption later alcohol will eventually reveal itself and cause harms to the abuser and others (Jung, 2010).

Alcohol use is associated with more dangers including physical violence, sexually transmitted diseases, vandalism, injury and sexual assault. Although, these dangers are common also in the other abused drugs like the heroin and cocaine, alcohol records the highest rate. Excessive consumption of alcohol often results to violence related cases in those with high intoxications. Unlike the cocaine, alcohol lowers the individual’s coordination and therefore, ends acting in a violent manner unlike cocaine where the person fears exposure to avoid arrest for use of the illegal substance. Drunken people are more likely to engage in unprotected sex with different people leading to risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Alcohol causes memory loss and increases the sexual desire which prompts the abuser to have sex without considering the consequences. For the cocaine or heroin users the desire for sex reduces and they are not prone to sexual actions as compared to alcohol users (Palmera, 2009).

Vandalism is more associated with alcohol than other drugs. A group of people like, the students, employees, or friends commits this crime during their drinking parties. Use of alcohol involves the individual and it is very difficult for a person to involve a group in the act, whereas for alcohol, people will often drink as group. Vandalism is most common among student drunkards, who storm certain places like the shops destroying the properties and beating people due to peer pressure. The possibility of cocaine addict to perform these acts is limited due to lack of company and peer. Injury is also associated with alcohol use especially for those who are fond of violence. Drinking forces people to actions which cause injury to themselves or other people creating a lot of problems to the families and the society involved. The task of controlling a drunken person is hard and trying to bring out a certain point can cause a very big scandal. On the other hand drinking links to sexual assault and rapes. This is very common among women since alcohol lowers the level of thinking and makes someone unable to defend herself thus can be easily attacked and assaulted. Most drug users convicted of sexual assault are drunkards with fewer cases found among cocaine and heroin users (Palmera, 2009).

Alcohol ranks as the most addictive drug amongst others like, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and cigarettes. The classification of drugs in a country should not be based on science but the experienced harms they cause to the individuals and the people surrounding them. Declaring alcohol illegal is a very difficult task and most people would vote against it. As the government tries to investigate on the cases of illicit drugs, some special attention should be paid concerning alcohol. Alcohol regulation rules like, regulating drinking time, prohibiting driving while drunk and many others help in minimizing the cases associated with the excessive alcohol consumption (AolNews, 2010).

There are more than 60 diseases associated with alcohol consumption. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to organs failure and the results are various diseases which incur more money to treat and can eventually lead to death. There is a need for the people to quit drugs of all kinds regardless of their effects in life. Alcohol being the most legal drug does not give a go-through for the people to adopt the other drugs. As long as the doctor does not prescribe the drug, it is worth keeping off to save life. The government should limit the advertisements on alcohol and other legal drugs like cigarettes and come up with a more effective warning on the labels and packaging in order to minimize the number of users. A lot of people try to stop drinking but find it difficult due to its addictive nature.

There are various stages which someone can adopt to stop drinking and using other illicit drugs. Visiting the clinics and health centers to ask for advice is a good step and the clinic attendants will offer the necessary support. Establishing the main cause of using a drug and accessing the drinking patterns helps in reducing the level of drinking through avoidance of these causes. There are programs available to help stop people from drinking like the detoxification program where alcohol is substituted with another medication which is eventually withdrawn after the victim is found to improve (Addictvoice, 2011).

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