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A Letter to Broken Friendship

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Friendship, I suppose having friends should be purely happiness. A bond that is long lasting, that sometimes is put in a test. But in this time we won’t know how it starts neither how it ends. It’s also hard to define if it’s true or a pretend.

To my friends; I have cherished the days that I’m with you. You have made me very happy many times but now I feel blue. I barely remember that happy moments ‘cause now, ‘cause now all I remember are your faces whispering with each other while looking at me laughing.

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The first time I caught you I told myself that “it’s ok.” “It’s fine.” So I keep quiet and obscure my feelings inside. But in time you still keep talking behind my back like I was not your friend so I realize that it will never be okay.

Whenever I saw people laughing and staring. I feel like I’m their clown. When they caught me staring I’ll say “hi” and fake a smile. Because now I know everything you was just a big lie. I thought you want me as your friend a real friend. So I thought wrong ‘cause it was only me who cares about you. I thought our friendship was true, but here I am now feeling so blue.

By that time, I feel like fake friends are the trend. So I shut my mouth up and just play pretend. Wishing, somehow you will change. So this friendship won’t reach to an end. This was the friendship that I don’t want to be ruined. But it broke my heart into millions of pieces. It can’t be change so I will just face it.I hold onto that friendship that bonds us together, I patiently waited to hear you say something. I’m upset you didn’t and it’s too late. So I suppose this friendship has come to its end.

You are really good in putting a façade. As if you’ve mastered it for a decade. I hope I did take everything you did as the clue. So I learned sooner about the real you. But even though our friendship has its end. Thank you for the lessons I’ve learned. Lessons that will never go away. lessons that will put to use in future purposes. I’ve learned not to trust everyone, ‘cause in this world you can’t trust anyone. There was the time I wondered “why I am treated like that?” But I’m not getting answers and it’s so sad. I always smile like there’s nothing wrong, and always pretend that I am strong. I always keep my feeling hide, hoping that it will subside. The things I’ve experience are in my archive so the memories won’t be buried alive.

Sometimes I’m sad for the broken friendship we had. But at least it thought us lessons we should learn about. I’m genuinely happy on what’s happening within you. I hope you success for the track you are running through. I’ve learn to care and love you so I’m wishing the best for you.


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