Personal Experience About Going Through Heartbreak and Becoming a New Person


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How long has it been? Has it been already a month? A week? A day? How long has it been since we last contacted each other? How long has it been since we last met each other? How long has it been since we talked, laugh and had fun with each other? Time flies so fast and my memories are still sealed to the times we have each other. But, what happened? We suddenly stopped talking. We suddenly lost contact with each other. We suddenly became strangers to each other. Why? Why did things suddenly change in a blink of an eye? How? How did things end up this way? There’s a whole lot of questions I want to ask. But why? Why aren’t you responding?You became the reason why I’m still holding on. You became the reason why my life became more exciting. You became the reason why I chose to become a better person. You are also the reason why I smiled even if I’m not used to it. But, you are also the reason of these tears. You are the reason of why I felt this pain again. You, the one that I didn’t expect to make me feel this way again.

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You became the person that I least expected you to be. I know. I already know that everything changes. But why? But why did you change so fast?You once made me feel butterflies in my stomach. But now, I only feel pain. Every time that I try to remember the things we did,The times we shared, and also the problems we solved together. I know that I’m not in the place to speak like this to you. But I just want to clear things out. I want… I want to ask these things to you. But, this pain and pride becomes the barrier that separates us more. Yeah, I think this is it. I think this is the time when I should let go. I think this is the time that I must start moving on. I think this is the time where I should start loving myself. This… this pain caused by you, caused by me,And caused by my expectations. I lost myself more in the process of chasing you. This… this will be a lesson for us… for me. This will be the start of the new me. I thought that I can’t stand without you. But now, I know that I can do it. I know that I can do it too like how you do it. I don’t know if the time we spent together mattered to you,But I am sure that I will be the better person that I aimed to be. I will be a better person for myself and not for you. I will be the man that you turned me to be. I will show you how well I can be without you. I will show everyone that I can stand with my own feet. I will prove that I can be happy without depending on others. Thanks. Thanks for everything. Thanks for the time we spent together. Thanks for becoming part of my life. Thanks for the memories we made and this is where I bid my farewell.

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