A Long Lasting Crisis Between Israel and Palestine

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The only world’s Jewish state is Israel, located just east of the Mediterranean Sea and is now controlling the Arab population of Palestine. Palestine is interested in establishing a state by the name of all or part of the same land. Both the Jews and Arab Muslims date their claims to the land back a couple thousands of years, creating the ever existing political conflict between the two groups. This essay is a presentation of the Israeli-Palestine conflict that is basically about the issue of who acquires what soil and how the territory is controlled.

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict began in 1967 when Israel conquered the area occupied by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinians in the area live in an odd and oppressive way given that they have no nation, no citizenship, and no decisive power over their lives. With increased Jewish settlements in the no man’s land, there has been a rising tension between Israelis and Palestinians living within the Israeli’s territories. The expansion of the Israel’s territories has led to a series of wars in the past, leading to the offending of human rights; thus the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is of a great concern.

The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians has paved way to a lot of political activities aimed at bringing back peace in the land. A lot of terrorism including the activities of suicide bombers has been witnessed from each side of the conflicting parties. In an attempt to restore peace back to the land, there have been several peace agreements such as the “Wye peace agreement”. There have been talks between the conflicting parties and some organizations such as the UN so as to stabilize the political situation (Halileh, 2002). The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, therefore, becomes of interest because of the intense political activities that have been ongoing in the area according to the early history, recent history, and the present.

There have been a long-term peace process and general reconciliation of Israel with Egypt and Jordan, but the Israelis and the Palestinians have not managed to reach a final peace agreement. The critical issues that have maintained the high tension in the area are: borders, security, recognition that would benefit both the conflicting parties, right over the waters, and control of the settlements in the land. The Palestinian freedom of movement and the right of return of the Palestinian refugees have been also significant political causes of the conflict (Hammack, 2010).

The current conflict is due to the effect of attempting to maintain an ethnically favored state, more so when it is largely of a foreign origin. The Israeli military have continually occupied privately owned land in the West Bank, and also controlled Gaza Strip in an extremely oppressive manner, with the Palestinians having minimal control over their lives. The recent conflict has led to several women, children, and men being put into Israeli prisons, with a small number being subjected to a lawful trial. The barbaric nature of the conflict is explained in a journal about the symbolic violence in the Middle East (Tuastad, 2003).

Physical abuse and torture are frequent in the ongoing conflict, with women in labor being prevented from reaching hospitals and at times resulting in deaths. There is a humanitarian crisis at Gaza as food and medicine are prevented from entering Gaza. The daily invasion of the Israeli forces also results to kidnapping incidences, deaths, and a lot of injuries being reported. Oslo peace accords of 1993 required that the territories finally become part of the Palestinian state. Israelis continued attacks have therefore led to the rebellion by the Palestinian population, hence steadily worsening the situation (Arad et al, 1994).

In trying to solve the issue, I have participated in demonstrations in our country that are aimed at letting the whole world know that the existing conflict between Israel and Palestine should be ended. Our community at one point needed to encounter tough, anti-Israel challenges and the protestors claimed that Israel is a racist, apartheid state, stealing Palestinian land. Our aim is to support both Israel and Palestine so as to reach our goal; everlasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Evidently, there are many strategies for conflict resolution and mediation including demonstrations (Elkatawneh, n.d.).

There are many organizations that offer peace talks and consolation to the affected communities of both the Israeli and Palestinian origins. The social media is a useful platform through which very important messages are passed to the people of Israel and Palestine who still have the opportunity to access internet facilities. My advice specifically has been to create awareness that no country is perfect, including Israel. The Israelis are engaged in dialogue with the rest of the world on many hot topics including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I have not hesitated to take part in such dialogues, a psychological approach to conflict resolution as explained in a journal that reviews the psychological approaches to terrorism (Victoroff, 2005).

Religious freedom, politics, human rights policies and security have been the major topics of discussion by the youth, the old and the middle-aged worldwide. Such discussions are very helpful to the young in Israel and Palestine, who might easily get lured to participate in the violence without much understanding of the issues affecting them. Social issues, the economy, and cultural life, all within the Israel’s and Palestine’s context have been elaborated to the internet users to help in their understanding of the importance of the respect for human rights and culture.

I will educate other follows who still are not aware of the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by ensuring that I watch the news regarding the same, with them. A lot of breaking news concerning the conflict has hit the television headlines in the recent past till today. Encouraging those who do not understand the issue to watch the international news will give them the opportunity to understand the conflict better. In explaining the facts regarding the conflict to others, I have the task of remaining neutral so that I do not spread words of hatred against one community. It is the duty of those who are getting educated about the issue to act without taking sides; hence the need to remain neutral even as we watch the news together.

Apart from watching the international news together, I have the duty of forming a group in school whose main objective would be promoting peace. Through that, we would have the opportunity to discuss the examples of the existing conflicts in the whole world, starting with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Group discussions are also a perfect platform for educating each other since everybody speaks of the point that he or she understands best.

To achieve a peaceful conflict resolution between the Israelis and the Palestinians, I have a task as an individual of following up the employment of peaceful means so that common interests can be found. I also have to follow up the public perception concerning the Gaza crisis. The issue should be viewed from a perspective of humanity and morality, and not from the perspective of who controls and owns what land.

In conclusion, a humanitarian response to the crisis between Israel and Palestine remains a high priority for the national governments and even intergovernmental organizations. What ought to be avoided is other regional conflicts since they may be a hindrance to the efforts being put in place to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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