A Look at Factors that Support the Termination of Pregnancy

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The topic of abortion is one that has raised great controversy over during the past few decades. Major concerns revolve around choice, morality, and safety of the act. Those who support abortion cite the reasons of freedom of choice in the essence that a mother should be at liberty to choose what happens to her body. On the other hand, those who are against abortion give reasons of morality and safety of a mother who decides to undertake abortion. Abortion in the United States was made legal in 1973 following the case of Roe v. Wade. Since then, the United States has adopted 1074 laws aimed at limiting access to abortion services. Despite the various views against abortion, whether or not to undertake the procedure is a matter of choice. Women have the right to take charge of what happens to their body by choosing when to have a baby (Raymond and David 215).

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Young women and teenagers form the largest group of people seeking abortion services. The reason behind this observation is that the group is highly susceptible to unwanted pregnancies. Owing to their lack of exposure and information about pregnancy, young women are easily lured into sex by their boyfriend. The opportunity to reverse a bad decision gives such girls to continue with their lives uninterrupted (Tatalovich 23).

A considerable number of women are rather unfortunate since they become pregnant following forced sex (rape). After undergoing such a horrific experience, the society makes the matter worse by stigmatizing them or making them feel immoral when they decide to undertake abortion. Efforts should be made to enlighten women about abortion as well as how to avoid falling victim of unwanted pregnancy. With the correct information, a woman undergoes a major thought process taking into account the consequences and the risks before making the decision. Above all the woman is given the right to choose her destiny (Harris 1473).

Individuals referring themselves as ‘pro-life’ consider that, if a woman aborts a child, this act can be considered as a murder. These people hold that no matter the stage of the pregnancy which the woman is in, the infant is always believed to be a human being (Jones and Lawrence 546). Through aborting, the mother extinguishes any chance for the infant to play its role in the society and therefore the toddler is denied the right to life as well as freedom of making personal decisions. ‘Pro-life’ also thinks that abortion is raising the likelihood of psychological and health problems in ladies including breast cancer, infertility and also heightening chances of future miscarriages (Jones and Jenna 11).

The legalization of abortion is dangerous since it motivates majority women to mitigate lives of newborns. The United States is amid the leading nations on allowing this Act and the American government argues that abortion is one of the ways of consenting adults with parent approval. Some researchers are also supporting this act by disputing that fetus doesn’t feel pain, and hence it will not suffer in the process of abortion. These scholars also argue that abortion is good since it relieves young couples from the burden of raising the child in the future. The investigators have also identified that some people do abortions since they have several responsibilities such as career, education, or maybe they are not in a financial status where they can manage to up bring a kid (Harris 1472).

For example, in Ireland, this act is permitted only during extreme cases including rape or at the instances when a pregnant woman is in danger. Despite majority individuals taking advantage of it, abortion is not supposed to be abolished altogether, but it should be regulated instead. Indeed, the government should be following women closely to limit the level of abortion, and they should be not allowed to abort particularly if the pregnancy is in the second half unless their health condition is demanding for termination of fetus’ life. The investigation has indicated that 831million dollars are used annually on abortion, and a third of ladies always have an abortion prior to the age of 45 years. This information indicates that lots of people have been taking advantage of the government allowing abortion to be done particularly by individuals having critical conditions. Indeed, these exercises are dangerous, and they are resulting in approximate sixty-eight thousands of deaths every year in 33 nations where abortion is not allowed (Raymond and David 217).

While summing up, abortion needs to remain a legal choice so as to allow women a second chance of living particularly when the life of expectant mother seems to be in danger. The other instance where abortion should be authorized is when the life of the infant is destined to suffer from its life because of disfigurement or debilitating and severe handicaps. Although abortion is sometimes accompanied by positive attributes, it is not supposed to be used as a form of birth control. If abortion remains authorized, then the government should find a way of controlling and regulating it so as enhance the life of the mother as well as benefiting the community

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