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A Look at the Ideas Surrounding the End of Slavery in America

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Abolitionism is also called the Abolition movement, in the United States their was two hundred campaign to free American blacks from slavery, or forced labor. The abolition movement, began in the late 1600 s where years has gone by to 1861-1865, that finally brought up the Militant stages in to the Civil War s climax . . . . . .

The first recorded abolition meeting took place in 1688 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, with a group of Quakers, whose religious beliefs were slavery with sin. What thing in the world, they said to other colonists, can be done worse toward us, than if men should rob or steal us away and sell us for slaves to strange countries? What they are saying is that they don t believe that they should be sold to anyone or be sold as if they were some kind of item product. They re saying that they re also human and they shouldn t be treated differently then no others. During the next one hundred years, colonists continued to speak out against Slavery, but no antislavery organization was created until Benjamin Franklin helped organize the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery in Philadelphia in 1775.

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Suddenly similar organization bursted up in other Northern States, having more members to believe in a Protest against Slavery. Three primary goals why they formed these societies were to improve the living conditions of the black population, both slave and free; to challenge the false claims of slave ownership; and to petition for, free slaves within their jurisdiction. This movement became very successful, and because of it , in 1804 slavery has been rejected in Rhode Island, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New Jersey. This gave the Abolitionist the courage to be free, and believed that they still have hope, but to never give up. This is where Abolitionist literature began to appear about in 1820. More thoughts has been making newspaper, periodicals, sermons, children s publication, speeches, and more. The way they build enthusiasm at their meeting was at the anti -slavery organization they used songs, which some songs still survives.

The abolitionists made slavery a national issue. Most Historians believed that the Abolition Movement began when a young white and outspoken abolitionist from Massachusetts named William Lloyd Garrison published the first issue of his anti- slavery newspaper, The Liberator.

The Liberty Party was organized in Albany, New York. This new party nominated a ex- slaveholder, James G. Birney, for President. 10, 000 is of American called themselves abolitionist, but only 7,000 casted their vote for Birney. Prince Hall was born in Barbados in 1735, he was one of the signers of the first black petition to the government against slavery. He was one of the first black Abolitionist and he also found the first black Masonry organization of America.

In 1777 he filed the first black petition to abolish slavery , but it was a total failure. 11years later he appealed for legislation to abolish slavery in Massachusetts and that passed . Prince hall also tried to fight for the rights of blacks in the political room. He sued the state for equal education facilities for black children nor he did not receive any funding to create schools, the black parents united and formed a school of there own in Halls name. There were many abolitionists in the 18th, 19th century. Other Abolitionists are Richard Allen , Henry Bibb, William Wells Brown, Alexander Crummel, Paul Cirfee, Martin R. Delan, Frederick A. Douglass, Charlotte Forten, James Forten, Henry Highland Garnet, Prince Hall, and much more. These Abolitionist had many different backgrounds, that no one has ever discovered except of being slaves. Not all blacks in America slaves. The Free Blacks lived and worked in major cities throughout the nation. The Free blacks were not necessarily Free, they were strictly limited, especially in the South. The free blacks were not allowed to express any kind of social or political view point, and not allowed to socialize with the whites or to carry weapons. The northerners made up 15 percent of the nations free black population. The South just had too many. This led up to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, where free blacks in the North was a role to go against slavery in the United States.

The movement rapidly gained followers, and it pushed the nation even closer to war. When the Civil War began, the abolitionist prayed for Northern victory of Union forces that would bring emancipation, or freedom, to the slaves. . . . . . . . After the four years of blood shed, the victory of the Union forces made it possible for the 13 th Amendment (1865), which finally declared slavery illegal in the United States.


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