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A Magical Moment Called Christmas - a Moment of Wonderful Magic for All Children

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Arthur who does not progress without a walker and sometimes forgets where his house is. That house is next to that of Amanda, a successful career woman

who earns her money with a film promotion company. After her relationship has run aground, she wants to go all out during the holidays. What coincidence! Iris, a journalist who has been in love with a colleague for three years, wants exactly the same after announcing his engagement with another. They exchange home and surroundings just before Christmas. Amanda ends up in a snow-covered small village in England, while Iris takes her place in sun-drenched Hollywood.

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The holiday

It all takes place in Whoville, where people have weird snouts and are also as materialistic as the plague. The true essence for the Who’s is to buy as many gifts as possible at the lowest possible price. Who does not see all this is the Grinch. He lives on the waste mountain of the village, lives off the no longer desired things from the Who’s. The Grinch is not exactly a welcome guest in the cozy Whoville. Fortunately, there is still a cute little girl who cares about the Grinch and sees the good in him.

The Grinch stole Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge is visited in the night before Christmas by three spirits – Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. They try to make Scrooge understand that he has to give up his antisocial, gruff and selfish existence for a more social lifestyle in which the Christmas thought has a prominent place. If he doesn’t, it will go wrong with him according to the spirits.

A Christmas carol

Sara Thomas is the type of woman who prefers to sit on the sidelines at work, but when her big idea for a Christmas initiative is stolen, she makes a wish to Santa that she’ll finally have the courage to stand up for herself. Santa grants her wish, but only gives her 48 hours. As the clock ticks, Sara will discover how to channel the Christmas magic and speak her mind all on her own.

A wish for Christmas

It is almost Christmas and the McCallister family is preparing for a vacation in Paris. The day before they leaving was the youngest in the family named Kevin sent to the attic because he was naughty. On the day they leave, they forgot something but they don’t know what. In the plane they found out that they had forgotten, they forgot Kevin. In the time that he was home alone, he has experienced all things.

Home alone

At Christmas you do not only have songs, dinners and lots of gifts, but also the cozy Christmas films to watch on the couch. So I gonna tell you what the best movies are to watch on the Christmas days. This is the top 5 of my Christmas movie’s.


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