A Massive Increase in Homelessness

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 Being in poverty is one thing in life that has major effects on people. It is stressful, challenging and traumatizing. This is a really big impact on society but, there are people that are lower than just struggling. The people have been homeless for many decades and the rate of the homeless is increasing day by day. In 2017 there were 550,996 homeless overall in the country and in 2018 it increased roughly 0.3% 1,838. Veterans, edlerly, children, people that dont deserve or didn't choose to have that life are there in a hole in the ground. The people that did not choose to be out there may have some problems they may have went through such as a loss of a job, a disability or even a natural disaster.

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In the beginning of homelessness it goes all the way back during colonial America. Dating back to the 17th century, the English also known as vagrants were considered as outcasts. During all this the police were trying to track down those individuals. The homeless people were known as “Sturdy beggars” and in the mid eighteenth century and they were found almost everywhere in the colonial towns. Towns like, Philadelphia and Baltimore had a more significant number of homeless than any town in America at the time. The problem of homelessness at that period was a result of the King Philip’ War against the native people in 1675-1676. Many colonies in that moment were forced out of their homes and were seeking shelter in the forests or coastal areas. They remained idle for sometime until a law was enacted to prevent “idleness” in the cities and those idle people were made servants or indentured servants. As the war continued between the French and Indians. The securities of some families were threatened and forced many families to become refugees across the frontier areas like New York and New England. During the American revolution there was a massive increase in homelessness. A lot of people were forced into homelessness because of insufficient needs. In 1857, most of the cities that were growing were packed with the homeless and no effort to intervene from the government. Even though there were some private charities and organizations whose goal was to solve this problem, it didn’t work all that well. In the years to come, civil war broke out and made the situation beyond the imagination of humans. Homelessness was beginning to increase again . A lot of the veterans stayed unemployed. While others lost their properties to war and natural catastrophes. Most of their time was spent on the streets . Many people passed homelessness from generations.

Homelessness is still on the verge of rising till this day. In the article “Rise Of Homelessness” it talks about in increased homlessness has in Australia. Australia is known to be a very wealthy country and yet they are facing an increase in people being homeless. According to the latest older women and young people are more vulnerable than others, while growing overcrowding in group accommodation is becoming commonplace. In the article, the now retired nurse is telling her background on how she moved to Austria due to the fact that her mother was sick. Once she got there she could not find a place for her to live. It was very difficult for her to find one. That and also the fact that she wanted to graduate from nursing school there. “A week after this incident the rooming house owners where CU was living announced they were closing for renovations. As luck would have it a new affordable housing project was opening in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne when CU found herself in desperate need of a new home”(Beadnell,2). That quote proves how fast it is to lose your house because of an incident. In one week she was homeless. “Until someone has their housing situation sorted out they can’t really fathom the idea of going to the dentist or having a blood test or speaking to someone about their uncontrolled diabetes or whatever the health concern is. I like this quote because it tells me that people that do not have a home do not have access to health care and that is a big problem for the average person. A lot of homeless men, woman, and child could have their lives at stake and they can not do much about it. “Having a decent minimum wage, welfare safety net and improved job security in Australia would also help reduce the national homelessness rate”(Sharp,6). Once this is all decent like she said homelessness will begin to decrease because people will have more opportunities to get the help they need, find jobs that can help them last in the world without struggle.

There are ways to help these homeless people. There are many ways to help someone that is homeless, such as welfare, charity, and spiritually. A way to help an individual spiritually like this article is to understand them and gather homeless and inviting them to join a church program. In the article “I don’t have a home:’’ Helping Homeless People Through Faith, Spirituality, and Compassionate Service” by David P. Moxley, Olivia G. M. Washington, and Joe McElhaney They included 14 excellent points on how to reach out for the homeless and it is a very good strategy to gain them. “One, People become and remain homeless because mounting issues emanating from poverty create a vicious cycle frustrating their attempts to extricate themselves and eroding their coping and functioning. Interrupting this cycle through issue identification and resolution helps people mobilize the energy they need forproductive efforts to leave and stay out of homelessness. Two, A core competence of a church-based intentional community of compassionate service resides in its ability to help people resolve the serious issues they face that reinforce their homelessness. Three, Think of the church as a place for community building in which homeless people in collaboration with pastors, congregants, and community partners can co-create a place in which grace equips all with the tools for personal transformation consistent with the Old Testament call to metanoia.

Four, The foundation of intentional community is the expression of authentic and deep compassion for the plight a homeless person experiences and the traumas that haveeroded their well being. Five,Consider moving beyond addressing only the consequences those who are homeless experience to addressing and reducing vulnerability to homelessness and helping people leave and stay out of homelessness. Six, Remain mindful that people will call on the church to fulfill immediate needs, and likely they will come in crisis. Willingness to fulfill these needs will strengthen the relationship between the pastor and homeless person. People who improve their nutrition, health, and well-being will have a stronger motivation to work with church leaders in undertaking challenging goals, like vocational development andEmployment. 

Seven, Remain open to attentive and empathic listening and create a safe and supportive place where people can tell their stories of plight and efficacy.Eight, Identify and release key assets within the congregation, other congregations, and community partners who can offer considerable technical assistance in helping homeless individuals get and stay out of homelessness. Nine,Draw deeply from the wellspring of talent within a community including social service and health professionals, mental health specialists, artists, employers, congregants, and homeless individuals themselves. Remain mindful that through such inclusion, the pastor aims for a culture of helping that is responsive and person centered. Ten, Continuously assess the assets that operate in a given community and mindful that through such asset mapping, the pastor can identify potential partners withconsiderable talent and motivation to help. Eleven, Pay attention to the specific issues people identify as barriers to their leaving homelessness. Invest in understanding these issues and in discerning which ones a person finds most problematic. Serve as an advocate to resolve such issues, or recruit others to provide technical assistance for issue resolution. Twelve, Advocacy will possess two vectors: one that addresses those issues individuals prioritize as critical to resolution, and a second vector that focuses on helping people move their lives forward by acquiring useful skills, getting and keeping a job, developing career, and moving onto better housing. Thirteen, Once people emerge from homelessness, stick with them for the long haul, helping them navigate next steps in their independent living and achieve the kind of lifestyle they seek for themselves. Forteen, Remain mindful that homelessness is a systemic problem the solution to which is found in the development of those resources that help people to get and keep housing that support their needs. Affirm the model of practice that addresses homelessness as systemic.”(Moxley,18). These Pastor are aiming to help stop homelessness and by using these steps to help encounter them. It will be more than helpful and very successful. Another activity that really helped the issue would have to be through welfare.

In the article it compares the patterns that the homeless shelter uses in Denmark and in the United States . When the article was combining data from homeless shelters in Denmark with population registers, they found that the prevalence of shelter used is substantially lower in Denmark than in the United States . An analysis of shelter stays identifies three types of users similar to findings from US research: the transitionally, episodically and chronically homeless. Unfortunately the homeless in Denmark did in fact have a higher possibility of suffering from mental illness as well as substance abuse. The homeless in Denmark are more affected by this than the homeless in the U.S. The results support Stephens and Fitzpatrick' hypothesis that countries with more extensive welfare systems and lower levels of poverty have lower levels of homelessness, mainly amongst those with complex support needs, whereas in countries with less extensive welfare systems homelessness affects broader groups and is more widely associated with poverty and housing affordability problems.      

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