What Does Black Lives Matter Mean to You

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What Does Black Lives Matter Mean To You

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Black lives matter is a social media movement that went of the Ferguson, Gardner cases etc. Also very rapidly it was to show as a opposition to the police and cops. Somehow when saying black lives matter it was like saying all life matter don’t matter. It’s a touchy subject due to why people view things and for most case I can understand.

What does Black Lives Matter mean to me? I feel that the person that made black life matter didn’t mean for it to be just all about black life but to inform others around the nation that there is a special problem that is only happening in the African American community and we have to fix that issue. We as a society have to recognize that African Americans are not making this up this its not something being politicalized its real and there’s a history behind it so we have to seriously.

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We have to state “Black Lives Matter,” since we ‘re not living it. Nobody is addressing whether white lives matter or whether police lives matter. Be that as it may, the topic of whether Black lives truly matter is an open question in this nation. Our organizations demonstration like Black lives don ‘t make a difference. The police demonstration like Black lives don ‘t make a difference when they shoot unarmed Black individuals with their arms in the air and when Blacks are shot at more than two times the rate of whites, even when whites are outfitted. The legal framework acts like Black lives don ‘t make a difference when Blacks are given more serious sentences than whites who carry out the same crimes and are turned into asset in a revenue driven jail mechanical complex.

Also, white individuals act like Black lives don ‘t make a difference when we neglect to raise the suitable level of shock at unjustified killings of Blacks or when we react with axioms like “All Lives Matter.” Be that as it may, regardless we say it. We say it since “All Lives Matter” gives us a chance to return to feeling good. “Dark Lives Matter” makes us uncomfortable. Why? Since it advises us that race exists. It advises us that our experience as white individuals is altogether different from the experience of Black individuals in this nation. It advises us that bigotry is perfectly healthy in the United States of America.

It almost as if we lived in two different worlds. in America moving toward two societies, one black, one white separate and unequal. Maybe that’s what happened. Maybe that explains why, for too many of our fellow Americans, they feel like as if they don’t matter . If all Lives Matter, why is the black community continually asked to justify its anger and grief? If All Lives Matter, why does the court system continue to put the victims of racial discrimination and police brutality on trial, rather than punishing their assailants? If All Lives Matter, why do Americans continually challenge African-Americans to justify there pain instead of empathizing with it? Do all lives matter? Of course! And you will be hard pressed to find any African-American who would say otherwise. But we will continue to say Black Lives Matter until African-American lives are given the same value as the lives of people from other countries.

Dear fellow white people, let’s have an honest talk about why we say “All Lives Matter.” First of all, notice that no one was saying “All Lives Matter” before people started saying “Black Lives Matter.” So “All Lives Matter” is a response to “Black Lives Matter.” Apparently, something about the statement “Black Lives Matter” makes us uncomfortable. Why is that?

Now some white people might say that singling out Black people’s lives as mattering somehow means that white lives don’t matter. Of course, that’s silly. If you went to a Breast Cancer Awareness event, you wouldn’t think that they were saying that other types of cancer don’t matter. And you’d be shocked if someone showed up with a sign saying “Colon Cancer Matters” or chanting “All Cancer Patients Matter.” So clearly, something else is prompting people to say “All Lives Matter” in response to “Black Lives Matter.”

Many of the people saying “All Lives Matter” also are fond of saying “Blue Lives Matter.” If you find that the statement “Black Lives Matter” bothers you, but not “Blue Lives Matter,” then the operative word is “Black”. That should tell us something. There’s something deeply discomfiting about the word “Black.” I think it’s because it reminds us of our whiteness and challenges our notion that race doesn’t matter.“All Lives Matter” is a problem because it refocuses the issue away from systemic racism and Black lives. It distracts and diminishes the message that Black lives matter or that they should matter more than they do. “All Lives Matter” is really code for “White Lives Matter,” because when white people think about “all lives,” we automatically think about “all white lives.”

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