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Reflections About My Memorable Experience of Participating in Thmn 2015 Competition

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“Cheers to new experiences”, those were my final words to my classmates just a few seconds before I got interrupted by the turbulent sound of the plane’s engines, alerting us that it was finally the time to take off, heading to Singapore. I can never deny how honored, pleased, and delighted I felt to be participating in The Hague Model United Nations 2015, which was held in Singapore. To participate in an international conference of MUN has left an incredibly positive impact on myself, regarding both personal and academic levels, as it has led me to develop so many aspects of my personality, in addition to enriching my knowledge. It all started on a typical school day in mid-May, but extremely sunny and humid on the other hand, as I had barely pulled myself out of bed and have struggled to resist my desire to keep hugging my cold, squishy pillow. In a school day of back-to-back periods filled with exhausting classwork, I found it extremely unfair for the Geography/Social Studies supervisor to call out a student meeting in the multipurpose room during our recess, as it was the only time we had to sit around with a free mind. In the multipurpose room, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, absent minded, staring at the drawings that are decorating the walls and giving an artistic imprint to the room, trying to figure what hidden meanings could it convey. I couldn’t stop grumping about the fact that I had to listen to a supervisor even during my free time, but I just shut my thoughts down the moments she started speaking. She announced the assigned days for auditioning to get into the MUN club in our school, since we were ninth graders in that time and thus able to participate in international conferences, representing our school.

Accordingly, I decided to take the chance and do my best in the audition, and so, I luckily made it into the club. As time passed, my classmates who got into the club and I have worked diligently to come up with our best position papers and resolutions, until it was finally the time to departure, as we took off to Singapore. After an 8-hour long flight, we landed on Singapore Changi Airport, and it was not even a bit overrated, as it is an airport worthy of being a destination itself. With a terminal that offers a wider variety of choices for shopping, dining and relaxation options, and another environment friendly ‘green terminal’ that raises one’s spirits with natural skylight and gardens shedding light on over 200 species of foliage, in addition to the chance of visiting the world’s first butterfly garden located in an airport, Singapore Changi Airport has made it to become an international entertainment hub for its passengers. Above all, and most importantly, it was the cleanest airport I have ever stepped into, to the point that I could see my reflection on the black, but marble floor tiles. As soon as we stepped out of the airport, we got shocked of how abruptly humid it was on a typical day in November. The heat bounced off the streets, and caused a delusion of volatile images. It was super hot and humid to an extent that a dog would keep its tongue hanging out so far until it touches the ground in an effort to cool itself down. It was not until we finally reached the hotel, the moment we all realized how fatigued we were, thus decided to sleep the stress away, as a big day is waiting for us tomorrow, the first day of THIMUN Singapore 2015.

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As a delegate of Mauritius in the Economic and Social Committee, I was assigned to discuss the question of “Combating Youth Unemployment”. Standing before me on the podium were very intelligent students who seemed very capable and aware of what they are speaking about, as they spoke in a confident tone, making their speeches sound ideal and unnegotiable. Just about a moment before it was my turn, I realized that my water bottle is leaking, leaving a huge stain on my white blouse. As I got up to walk to the podium to speak, it was nothing but the stain on my white blouse that my mind was occupied with. I couldn’t get over the number of eyes focusing on me as I was the one to speak next, nor the fact that they all could see the stain. The very few steps I had to take to reach to the podium have felt like time has stopped elapsing, as my hands were trembling in a way that I was barely able to hold my piece of paper and keep it from falling down. It felt like a whole era has passed just in my mind till I finally stepped onto the podium, when I kept quiet for about five seconds then took a quick gaze over the attendees surrounding me, delegates presented by highly educated students from all around the world, then letters started to form into words in my head, a word followed by another. My voice on the other hand has grown from shaky and low to confident and audible, as every second passed, I felt more comfortable, and realized that the audience were there to listen, which is why I had to be proud.

Overall, and based on my personal experience as an international participant in a conference of THIMUN, I can state how proud and delighted I am that I have once been a part of such an overwhelmingly beneficial, healthy-competitive activity. To travel abroad in a young age with my school mates and without my parents for the first time has raised my self-esteem. Furthermore, having the chance to exchange knowledge with international students regarding shared issues in the field of economy and sociology has played a direct role in improving my English language as well as my ability to respect other cultures and nations. I am proud to acknowledge that this experience has grew my interest in social studies and international relations, which is one thing that I am glad for in my life.


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