Human Sexuality Fantasy of Married Woman and Her Young Neighbor

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Winter season was in full swings. I had finished my daily housework and about to follow my daily routine. Usually my eyes open early in the morning because I have to prepare my children for school. Everything was running well and it was another normal day as usual but before I saw him. I was unclothing myself and getting ready for taking a bath after an exhausted schedule. I was constantly thinking about that person who’d come across to my dream. Although I had married three years ago but intimate desire can never be complete through a single person. My sexual relationships weren’t running as well as I had expected before getting married to him. My husband shivansh was a legendry drunker and used to drink a lot. He gave preference to his bottle than my unsatisfied lustful adolescence. Every female has some expectation or sexual requirement form her husband but I had stab to mine fantasies. However we manage to have two babies because of family pressure. My desires were getting placed again after abandon and it all was happening because of that brawny boy named vivan. A 24 year old young handsome guy was stay there next to my flat. He was tall stunning, mature, educated and had all the qualities a woman expects. I’d lost myself to him form the first time I saw his muscular and curvy body while doing exercise in balcony.

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He was a teacher as I get to know through some other libertines. I always too curious for getting sexual education through him actually I wanted to get practically. I always keep soaking into her imagination even I don’t know why? Neither he was my love nor I knew him for decades but I felt too associated with his heart. I didn’t know when my dream will come true, when I will get my dream love. Well I took a bath and kept busy with finishing my daily work. Ting tong…Ting tong… I didn’t know that my imagination of sleep in his arms will turn into reality this much soon. I went to the door for receiving that unknown guest (before I saw). I was not able to believe on what I did just see in the first two minutes. A smooth pleasurable touch that awakened me…. . Hey dear, can I get some sugar? That was he, the man who plays an important character of sexual stories that used to create every night in my dreams. I can’t explain my reverie through words that how happy I were when he was in front of me in black half sleeve t-shirt. He was a guy with shark face cut and alluring looks generating through regular exercise. Well, I welcomed him to my home and offer seat to him. I hadn’t changed my clothes yet after having a shower so my curvaceous physique could see through my dress. I decided not change it because it the perfect time for seducing him through my captivating figure. I asked him for snacks as he had visited for the very first time at our house. I persuade him for a cup of coffee after a while. “I used to gratify my libido through my unconditional companion my middle finger. It always stands with me in every situation at any time. Whenever I felt bored I start to stir my legs and put off my dress and start to finger my pussy,The thought of making coffee for him had been totally getting rid from my mind. I serve him and place myself to next to him start to throw irrelevant question to him. He must have doubt on my mental condition but I was too excited for playing with his cock. So, you stay single here? Don’t you have your family, relative or any companion here? No’ actually I had divorce a couple of months ago.

Ooh! So sad’ I said,yeah, it was not a pleasing time at all so I don’t even want to have discussion over it. Leave it’ he said. I stood to get the crockery back to kitchen and I could guess that he was staring to my big boobs as I tend to pick cups. Ooh! So great’ he said,what? I asked,No, I was admiring your house, it’s cool. I had almost finished my work so we were just sharing some conversation together. He was talking about his girlfriend and I don’t even know how I asked him about his sexual relations with her. He brought a smile filled with lust on his face and said “I hadn’t experience this pleasing delight yet. It is so cold toady’ He saidyes, I joined him. Do you want to get some het through me? I asked and he brought the same seductive and fascinating smile back on her face. We were talking and suddenly I felt something on my shoulder. I dropped my eyes in his eyes as I gave permission of playing with my adolescence to him. He started to play with my curly hairs and I was receiving something energetic in my spiritless body. Now he had been completely opened to me and had pasted his lips over mine. I was dedicating to him because I was on the peak of intimate excitement that had unsatisfied for a long time. Now he had to lost his patient and become wild as I wanted to experience. Our places had been change and we had switched to my bed from sofa. He was continuously staring to me and suddenly he pulled me closer to his chest, threw me on bed, lay down to me and began to rub his lips to me. Would you love to kiss on my vertical lips? I asked to him as I have got over to his naughty intentions. He kept busy in squeezing my breast as he hadn’t ever seen it. I was becoming desperate for getting her giant dick into mine hole. I had expected his cock big enough to let me scream through sensual pain. I off his pants and drop my hand in his underwear and he was seeing my shocking reaction. It was damn big, more even I had imagined while enjoying love making with him in my dreams. At another moment he pulled me down and set his head to my pussy and started to kiss it madly. I was getting something in and the way he was playing with my vagina through his tongue was awesome. He was such a hungry monster and I wanted to be his food tonight. Now he brought me to giving him a pleasurable blow job. I was so pleased to get such a handsome guy over my lustful figure to satisfy my horniness. We both had thrown our clothes to various corners of bedroom in the second moment and he had covered me completely into his muscular body.

Now I was afraid to take his big cock into mine tiny hole and he must ask me for riding over it. I was feeling too weak as his soldier touched my pussy smoothly. He settled it perfectly and put his lips over mine. Ooh my god! Take it out now please, it’s itchingI had been penetrate in another moment and he stopped for while until I managed to myself. It was really painful because I hadn’t experienced this much big yet. He continued to fuck me up and now we both were enjoying their lovable copulation. Entire bedroom was filled with moaning I was producing while enjoying her shots. He was continuously fucked me harder than harder. I was about to broke down because he has such a good stamina. Suddenly he gave me hard love bite on my boobs while penetrating my pussy and it was the sign of his intimate excitement. He kept lay down over me and I could feel his breath. He kissed me and licked me like a crazy libertine after having fun with my adolescence. This is how I got my dream come true and I enjoyed midnight fornication with the man I had imagined. I can’t ever forget that moment when he gave my hiccups. I will be back soon with another seductive story next week that will give you gloom bumps. You dick will start to salute you after reading this. bye guys see you next week with another pleasing story filled with adultery and amorousness.

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