A Model of E-commerce Security for the Prevention of E-transaction Fraud

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Electronic commerce, known as ecommerce, is a type of business transactions through web or internet. In simple word if someone sells or buys goods through internet, he/she is involved in ecommerce.

It draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, online transaction processing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It is associated with buying, selling and/or exchange of goods through internet. Ecommerce means all sorts of business transactions being conducted by web and it is represented in a systematic manner, called Business. An ecommerce constitutes of two distinct components that is BUSINESS and CONSUMER. Standard security methods have been used to satisfy the basic requirements of online transaction in the web business world. Some fraud detection models are created to prevent the fraud and protect the merchants as well as the customers. The existing fraud detection models are used to check merchant integrity in the transaction procedure of ecommerce. In India, rural side people do not believe the net banking, therefore a simple reliable and easy to handle ecommerce system for all types of data. So we proposed a new authenticated ecommerce model that can be acceptable by the customers.

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Electronic commerce is the process of buying or selling goods over internet. Nowadays ecommerce has become one of the most useful or we can say that it has become necessary site for all. People has become highly dependent on it. Ecommerce allows customers to access their favourite store at any time, at any place whenever they want to do so.

Most of the internet users use their debit card or credit card for purchasing product through internet. So if any problem arises, it becomes a serious problem. To prevent such problems, the mode of payment must be a secured one. This payment system must be secured, reliable, efficient and fast during the transaction.

The fraud prevention models of ecommerce are used not only for protecting the virtual stores and goods but also used to prevent fake identity and usage of fake credit cards. It must be able to find out fake online merchants. Therefore, a survey is made for analysing the physical location of the merchants that is known to customer. Hence, a component, increases customer’s trust and confidence on online through authentication and differentiating the fraudulent virtual stores.

There are some essential security considerations for e-payment that must be followed by ecommerce, those are:

  • The information which are required for online transactions must be kept confidential. Confidentiality refers to a thing or a set of things which are to be kept secret or private within an individual, group of individuals or an organization. If the user name or payment data is purloined by any other business competitor, the organization may face losses. Cryptography plays an important role in keeping the data confidential. Thus, in order to transfer the information, encryption is needed in e-commerce.
  • The information which are required for online transactions must be integrated wholly. In information security, data integrity means entirety, accuracy and stability of data in its full life cycle. Furthermore, it gives the confirmation that any alternation is not allowed by the internet during transmitting the data.
  • In ecommerce it is mandatory to check whether both the participants are authentic or not. Authentication means to assure that the data transaction and documents are genuine. Also it is important to know whether the involved parties are genuine.
  • In Ecommerce there must be Non-repudiation.
  • Non-repudiation basically, refers to a state of affairs where a person cannot deny his/her message, signature, documents or any kind of contracts. The transaction should establish the repetition of specific activities like, confirming the purchase orders and the mode of payment. For this action, we need two distinct parties i.e., buyer and seller.

  • They must fulfil clients’ necessity:
  • Different conventions such as simplicity, adjustability and operations between the seller and the buyer.

I)Ease to use- it means that the system must be easy to use and handle for the customers. And during this time, the buyers must require a secured transaction and safe methods which will give Protected application.

II)Flexibility- It means that the system should allow its customers to purchase its product from any place and anywhere by using various internet resources. The organisation must be adaptable in nature, while the merchant is the substance giving the organisation.

III)Dependability- the business organisation must be trustable and the transacting control must be a dependent one.

IV)Availability- it must be available 24*7, whenever the customer needs it.

Since ecommerce has become a popular uprising business method, it is necessary to secure the payment process and for securing the payment process, during the time of transaction, the buyer and seller must be verified if they are authenticated or not. It can be checked through biometric security that is his retina, finger print or it may be his voice too.

The buyer must verify his Aadhar Card, then only the payment process will be secured enough to trust him that he is authentic. For preventing the frauds, the customer should be informed if his/her account is “signed in” in another device. For “sign in” in another device the customer will receive an OTP in his account (from where he had signed up), then he has to put it in the new device. Then only he can buy something and pay through net banking.

Conditions must be verified before transaction:

Each customer must have a unique net banking account.

Every customer must have unique account to mobile server.

Each account should be Aadhar verified.

Detailed description of proposed technique: (architecture)

A. To register in the site

First step in the transaction process is to register the buyer’s account with his Aadhar Card and his biometrics.

B. Select goods for purchasing.

Customers will first search the goods, services or products which he requires. He will select the best of the product among the rests and finally he will place an order.

C. The payment process

In the first payment procedure, the buyer must set a unique password so that it is kept secured. He must input his payment password and then verify his Aadhar Card and the biometric, which he gave during the registration procedure, to further proceed for the payment. Later, he may pay his amount through his ATM card, PAYTM, PHONEPE, Net banking, Vouchers, PAYTM etc. In the final step, after he selects the payment mode, he must receive an OTP in his mail or in his registered phone number so that the seller as well as the buyer gets confirmed before placing the final order.

D. For fraud prevention

If someone tries to “signed in” in an account from another device (from where it is not registered), the account holder will be informed that his/her account is “signed in” in another device. For “sign in” in another device the customer will get an OTP in his registered mail id, then he has to put it in the new device. Then only he can buy something and pay through net banking otherwise, if he can’t give the OTP, his present location will be sent in the registered phone number and mail id.

Result analysis:

My project is all about “E-commerce” which can be evaluated:

By use of electronic technology over the internet.

Through more competitions, marketplaces, faster and uninterrupted transactions and more advanced technologies.

To make business activities between customers and producers more active and more dynamic.

It is our duty and responsibility as customers and internet users to keep our e-commerce healthy and safe so that e-business can be more reliable in the coming future.

Customer is the main part of any E-commerce business so it is very important to make your customer happy and satisfied. By providing quality and desirable products, on time delivery, 24*7 customer support, and timely sale & best deal offers you can make your customer happy.

To secure the online transactions and make free from all sort of frauds.

In this paper, I have proposed a method that can be used to secure the e-transaction and to eradicate the frauds to some extent. Besides, it is necessary to secure the payment procedure to abolish the trust issues faced by the customers. In case, if any details, especially, the card details of the customer are leaked, they may lose their faith on e-commerce. To prevent such problems, e-commerce must follow CIA Triad, i.e., Confidentiality, Integrity and Authenticity and Non-repudiation. By using buyer’s biometric security and his Aadhar Card verification, e-payment will be secured in a greater way.

Moreover, it is identified that the payment security requirements and it also helps to clear all the user issues and its drawbacks. The efficiency and security can be analysed in future. The transfer of money and the delivery of the product is the main issue in every web business. Also the money transfer is fully dependent on the bank authority. The transactional information which are shared between customer and the bank and between companies should be confidential, integrated and authentic too and for this we need to use some secured algorithm. The made efficient by using new architecture. Usage of New architecture has made the electronic transaction security more efficient.

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