A Painting of Fauvism Style: the Corn Poppy

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A Painting of Fauvism Style: The Corn Poppy

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Out of all the beautiful paintings and sculptures in the art museum I decided to choose “the corn poppy.” Reason being is because of the way this painting was made and the way it catched my attention. The bright reds on her hat and small petite lips in the painting also, the dark shadow hovering around her eyes that are staring to the side. This made me chose this painting because it made me become interested about the message or story that the painting Is trying to give.

The painting “The Corn Poppy” was created by Kees Van Dongen in 1919. Kees Van Dongen full name is Cornelis Theodorus Maria “Kees” van Dongen, and he was a Dutch French painter. This artist was known to make paintings of women, he would paint sailors, prostitutes, dancers, singers and much more. Along with being known to draw/paint women, he was also known to to uses fauvism into his art pieces. Fauvism, it’s the artwork where in the early twentieth century artist would emphasize and use very strong colors on their representational artworks. Furthermore, Van Dongen was one of the leaders of the Fauvism movement, where it later on died down. The painting “The Corn Poppy” was one of the paintings that he created where it demonstrates the example of the Fauve movement. The significance or story behind this painting is that the women figure represents a lady from “la Folle Epoque” era, meaning the time period where there were flappers in Paris. Flappers were women in the early twentieth century where the women would wear short skirts, short hair. Flappers were known to change view they had on women. He made this art piece trying to represent women during the era and lifestyle doing the World War I & World War II, where women were starting to be more independent. The painting demonstrates how the lady is wearing bright colors, dark eye makeup and a bold red lipstick. The purpose of that was to show that women can wear and do whatever they want, to tell women to be who they truly want to be and to prove men they can do anything they can do.

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After analyzing “The Corn Poppy” painting I realized how many details and the usage of visual elements & principles of design Van Dongen used. By the looks of the art piece we can automatically tell he used a restricted palette meaning he only used certain colors and that’s bright bold colors and dark cool colors. You can see how in the background he used a very dark Dijon yellow closer to the brown side. The lady’s skin color was a very pale skin color with black bold eyes and black eye makeup and then she is wearing a very soft gray coat. Lastly, Von Dongen uses a bright bold red for her fat and small lips, the way he uses this red makes her light skin stand out more. Used representational art obviously because he is representing a flapper in the early twentieth century. Lastly, he used implied line to draw the lady in the painting, followed by all the features and details in her face. All these details Kees Van Dongen used on this oil on canvas painting is what made this art piece so beautiful.

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