A Path to Being Better


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We all (or at least most of us) want to grow and to be better, we strive for it and want it so badly but sometimes it seems rather far fetched and somewhat hard, but it’s not impossible at all. Growth or being better doesn’t just happen “magically” it needs our heart in it, it needs a conscious effort, it needs us taking those small steps. No, it’s not at all about the big steps, it’s those small steps that add up and make a big difference in our lives.

When all we want to do is take big steps, the steps will appear huge and overwhelming, it appears impossible to attain and most times we take a step back and let the whole “growth” thing slide. So, you want to be a bit a bit more kind and emphatic towards people? Start small, make small gesture first, don’t go for the huge ones, else you will feel overwhelmed and well, think that that “kindness” thing isn’t for you. You want to be able to take risks? Start small, before you realize you will be a bit comfortable with it and you will start to take bigger risks. It’s all about being better really! Whatever it is you want to be better at is possible, you just need to take steps towards it, no matter how small, all those little steps will add up and be huge!All those things you want to be better at so badly wouldn’t happen if you don’t actively take steps towards itand those steps really doesn’t have to be huge. Wake up everyday, reflect and strive to better than you were the day before, little by little those steps will start to make huge difference within and around you!

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Sometimes, getting better might seem a little bit uncomfortable or even painful, the fact it is “being better” doesn’t make it easy at all, it is a learning and unlearning process, it will take a while but it’s always worth it. You want to be better, you want to grow? Then invest in it, invest your heart into it and also take steps. You can invest your resources in it but it all becomes a waste when the heart isn’t in there. SourceWhatever it is that you put your heart into is always possible, put your heart into your growth and back it with your little effort and there, the “magic” will happen!

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