A Peer and a Deer Friend Who Has Made a Difference in My Life

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A real friend does not fake something to make good relations and please peers and others. “Many people will walk in and out of our life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. (Eleanor Roosevelt). Way back October 2017, I enrolled at the University of the Visayas to continue my studies. I applied as a working scholar in the school and thank God I was hired. I was assigned at the University of the Visayas- Banilad Campus (Guidance office). I met this person named Ms. Jovie because she is the one who will do the final interview after I was done with my exam at the main campus.

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At first, I felt nervous when I entered the office because when I saw her face she is kind of strict. But, when I started talking to her for the interviewed I felt at eased because she is different from what I have expected. She worked as a guidance counselor in University of the Visayas-Banilad Campus for almost five years and she is the eldest sibling in the family. She is a very hard working person and willing to help people for those in need. Since I passed the final interview I did not expect that she will be my superior in the office that I was assigned.

I am very thankful that she will be my superior because it is very rare nowadays to encounter and meet a person who has a pure heart and good intentions in friendship. One of us has different attitude but Ms. Jovie was one of a kind she treat us, as a little sister, a good adviser and a second mother to us here in the office. I was with here for almost one year and three months I really know what kind of attitude she has. Most of the local students here in Banilad campus knew her because of her friendly attitude and very approachable to the students. Even if at times we are being scolded and reprimanded, we said sorry to her for we have done and she felt sorry to, for sometimes she scolded us and she told us, that is part of growing up.

She is a person who does not like fake attitude. She always told us that, be who you are do not pretend to be someone else. According to Andrea (36) 'The only way to have a friend is to be one.' She is kind of a friend that noticed if we have a problem make sure you should tell her. Even if we would not tell she will know, she is willing to listen to you anytime. She is a happy person and very positive in life.

Therefore, friendship is not about people who act true to your face. It is about people who remain true behind your back. And the great thing about new friend is that they bring new energy to your soul. It is not about who you have known the longest it is about who walked into your life and be there in times of happiness and sorrow.

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