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Summer brings happiness to everyone as most of the people enjoy their holidays and plan their vacation during this time. Travel plans and exploring new places becomes the hot topic among people. While packing for vacations, most men are relaxed as they only worry about their passports and wallets but when it comes to women, we have a lot of concerns and a long to-pack list. For women, everything seems super important when it comes to packing bags for the vacations. It starts with makeup, skin care, dresses, footwear, hair products and so on. However, choosing perfect outfits according to your holiday destination is most important and somehow challenging as well.

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You can wear the same makeup and hairstyle every day but you need different outfits daily, especially while traveling as you need to look like a fashion model in your travel photos as well. J This year, I and my husband decided to make Rome (Italy) our travel destination. While my husband was watching the videos of Rome on the internet, I was searching for some stylish and sexy dresses on (my favorite online shopping store). I was looking for a chic summer dress to enhance my look. I always prefer comfort over style and my wardrobe is full of jeans and shorts but this year I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe along with my dressing style. I was so bored with my typical dressing style and this year I wanted to show off what I have been doing for past six months in the gym. I bought a few summer dresses from as it has a huge variety, what caught my eye was a pretty “Fitting In Floral Maxi Dress” by Lalou. I decided to order this beautiful backless dress right away without wasting my time.

The dress was delivered on time but I did not have enough time to try it before leaving for our holiday. While packing, I realized that I made a perfect choice as the fabric felt so good to touch and it was sheer but lined. Thanks to the stylist suggestions on the website, it was mentioned to wear a nude adhesive bra with this maxi dress so I did not forget to pack an adhesive bra with the dress. Rome is a city best known for its history and architecture with rich culture and romantic evenings. As I was getting ready for the first dinner date in Rome, I decided to wear my floral maxi dress. I love the simplicity of this dress but its cutout chest and backless style made it look sexy and different from casual dresses. Usually, we attend dinners and go to romantic places in our casual outfits like most tourists.

This was the first time I was properly dressed up to go to the dinner in a romantic restaurant. It was not only me who thought I got the right dress but my husband’s eyes were approving my thoughts. What made me write about my experience of Fitting in floral maxi dress by Lalou is its style and comfort. I never thought I can look stylish and gorgeous without compromising my comfort but this experience has changed my mind completely and this Floral maxi dress from is highly recommended for this season.

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