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Person analysis is referred to the component of training needs analysis that identifies employees of an organisation that should receive training and what kind of instruction they need. This analysis is needed to know how each employee performs when doing the job (Hartoyo, 2017).

ZALORA claims to offer various exciting roles in Fashion Design, Retail Merchandising, Digital Marketing, Logistics, IT/Engineering, Business Intelligence, Finance, Human Resources and more for their company to operate smoothly. Customer service operators are one of the roles that is demanding as customers these days are more educated, prim and proper and desire quality service. According to ZALORA (2018), their vision is to become a trusted brand our customers love, a respected partner to the fashion world, and a leading employer in Asia as they practice integrity, teamwork, ownership and excellence.

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However, there seem to be discrepancies between ZALORA’s actual job performance and their desired job performance. Customer service operators are required to resolve customer issues and fulfill customer needs through one touch resolution guidelines and escalated process while maintaining a balance between company policy and customer benefit in decision making (ZALORA, 2018). Based on customers’ feedback, ZALORA’s customer service operators had low problem solving skills and were uncertain of how their company operates. Many customers complained about the slow delivery as ZALORA’s website stated that delivery would be made within 1 to 3 business days but customers were asked to wait even longer for their goods to arrive. ZALORA received many bad reviews and critics on their shipping process. For example, a customer made a complaint about his goods that did not arrive and it was already a week. The customer service operator told him that his merchandise has left the warehouse and should be on the way. When the customer tried to negotiate for an earlier pick up date, the operater stated that this was not his department and there was nothing he could do about it (Foong, 2018). Another customer also warned other customers not to shop at ZALORA as it is a waste of time and sarcastically remarked that his merchandize will never arrive (Trustpilot reviews, 2018). Thus, ZALORA need to train their employees to increase problem solving skills. They also need to have an insight on how the ZALORA operates generally, how other departments operate and who to refer to if when dealing with different issues that customers .

Besides, the customer service operators disregarded customers complaints and thus were rude over line and online chats. Many customers were not attended to their dissatisfaction by the customer service and spoke rudely to the customers when they insisted for a response. For example, a customer who sent them an email requesting for a RMA (Return merchandise authorization) was not responded to. When the customer called customer service, and complained having a hole in his shoe and there is not good quality control, the operator on the line suggested that he went down to the warehouse and do his own QC. When the customer asked for his name, he hung up (Foong, 2018). Only when the customer wrote a Facebook post together with photos, that received a lot of attention, ZALORA responded with a phone call. This indirectly stains the reputation of ZALORA and affects others’ perception of the company. A consumer might not be satisfied and post a non-conformance report, even when the product is of high quality. A non-conformance report or posts on social media might lead readers to perceive the product as of low quality, thus reducing their purchase intentions (Skowronski and Carlston, 1989; Lee and Youn, 2009).

Thus, ZALORA needs to train their customer service operators how to address dissatisfied customers and speak with them politely.

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