A Personal Account of Getting Over the Habit of Procrastination

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Going through high school for four years can make anyone realize how much they can change as an individual and mature, over come obstacles to finally reach success and fulfill goals. In my personal experience struggling through my self-confidence and trying to overcome procrastination with my school work inhibited me from discovering how much potential I have. Through my new found maturity and perseverance I overcame these tough obstacles by believing more in myself and in my abilities as a person.

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Through high school were difficult for me. My low self-confidence cause me to get preoccupied with other people’s opinions of me. They would always call me ugly, fat and tell me I was worthless. Hearing those words hurt me so bad I always tried to cover my pain by just keeping my head up and smiling knowing deep down inside I was hurting more than ever. This caused me to always feel that I was being judge and I never looked at what needed for myself. My whole life I felt as if I was in a competition with everyone it affected me emotionally and physically. I felt as if I was not attractive enough or intelligent enough. Someone who made me realize that I was special was my dad. He simply told me everyday that I was beautiful and I was special . My dad guiding me through my tough time let me know that I was not alone. Being preoccupied with my lack of self confidence affected my academic performance. It dd not show my potential pr what I really had to offer as a good student. Someone helped me to progress in my junior and senior year was my older cousin Kadijah. She is my role model for me through her own achievements as a college student. It showed me that to succeed believe in myself and to consistently believe that you can fulfill your dreams. She also showed me to focus on these qualities and have a positive attitude.

By my junior year I developed a positive attitude. I began to mature and overcome my difficult obstacles. For example I began to appreciate more by telling myself everyday I am worth something and I am beautiful and also that I am loved. Also I believed that I could achieve something and there is no such thing as you cant do something. My junior year I worked on my consistency in my academics and I stayed focus on what really mattered and I believed in myself. Now as a senior getting ready to go into college I look at life as yes its hard but just because you made mistakes in your past does not mean its to late to try your best. Also as a senior I realized that I am growing up and appreciating yourself more keeps you to have a positive attitude and a positive outlook on your future

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