A Personal Experience of My College Nightmare


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College Nightmare

After high school, everyone looks forward to their first semester of college. A few short months after graduation, I started filling out paperwork to begin my college journey. In January of 2014, I started college with the intentions of being a graduate student by the same time of the following year. To my surprise, things did not go as I had originally planned for them to.

On January 6th, 2014 I went to my first day of classes at a college campus, how exciting! I was so happy to be attending Blue Cliff College in Houma, Louisiana. I decided to enroll in a technical program at Blue Cliff, so that I could be working in my field of choice as soon as possible. With only a few different programs to choose from, I chose to learn the trade of cosmetology. I felt so good about my choice to return to school and learn a trade that I could make a career out of. I always had a passion for hair and makeup, so cosmetology was a great choice for me. Things were going wonderful those first few weeks I attended. But soon all of these new great things came to an unexpected end. Most of the other students in my class were African American, as well as the teachers and staff of the cosmetology department. I was one of the only three students, out of the thirty in my class, that were of a different race. The other two students and I were constantly being bullied by the African American students in class.

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Going to class everyday soon became a nightmare. I did not like the way the other students treated me. Every day I went to class I felt as though I was a victim. Being bullied on a daily basis made me not want to return to class anymore, but my tuition and fees were already paid for and were non-refundable. I did not want to lose out on my education for my future career, so I tried my very best to ignore the negative things these students always had to say. One day I decided that I had enough; I no longer wanted to deal with the bullying and racism.

Since my tuition was paid and I did not want to drop out, I decided I needed to try to fix these problems. I had thought long and hard about what I needed to do in order to fix the problems I was having to deal with in class. I tried to talk to my instructors about the bullying that the other students were doing, but they were no help at all. Really, it seemed as though the instructors were scared to tell these students anything about their behavior. I felt threatened every day I was in class; I hated the feeling of being bullied. Soon enough, the instructors just started ignoring the fact that most of the class was bullying the rest of us. I was furious that I had paid for this education and I was not even able to learn anything due to the problems in class. I always felt as though I was not welcomed in class due to the name calling and hateful words aimed towards me. After my instructors started to ignore the bullying that was going on in class, I decided to take further actions. I then went speak with the program administration. I told the director of cosmetology about everything that had been going on in class, and that I spoke with my instructors. I also told the director that nothing had been done after speaking with the instructors. The director of cosmetology had told me to ignore it and do not let it get to me. Ignoring the situation was very hard when it was so many people bullying me. After another week of being bullied, I spoke with the chancellor at Blue Cliff College. I told her how I felt there at school, and how I was on the verge of dropping out. She told me she was sorry that I had to deal with these rude and racist comments, but done nothing to help my situation. I felt like I had no other option than to drop out because I hated going to school now.

Since I had an awful experience at Blue Cliff College’s cosmetology program, I decided to drop out. I really did not want to, but I felt as though I had no other choice. After dropping out, the college recruiter who had done all of my drop out paperwork had told me I could have transferred. Then she stated it was too late to transfer since my paperwork was finalized. I was so angry because I would have made a transfer to another school instead of dropping out. Not only did I get bullied at Blue Cliff, but I got put in a financial hole. I still to this day have those loans to pay for an education I was not able to receive. Blue Cliff College made me never want to return to school again, but I was not going to let one bad experience ruin it for my future education.

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