A Personal Opinion and Summary of Good Will Hunting

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A Personal Opinion and Summary of Good Will Hunting

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“Good Will Hunting” is the story of a genius youngster whose life was on a brink of self-destruction and how four people tried desperately to help him with his life. It is about a genius who is aware of his intelligence but doesn’t wish to try hard because he was beaten too often as a child.


Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is a janitor at MIT who is a chill guy and doesn’t take life seriously. He likes to party and roam with his delinquent or to be more precise good for nothing friends. But this young guy is blessed with too much intelligence and potential that he has wasted all his life. One instance we can see him remembering all of library books and readings into his photographic memory. Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) also teaches in MIT and offers a prize to any of the student who will solve a difficult math question. When no one did it, he opened it to all and put the blackboard in hallway. The next morning, the answer was written. He asked his students who did it but they were also shocked equally. The same event kept happening and one day, Lambeau catches Will Hunting at the board and realizes he's the unknown mathematical genius who was solving his hardest problems without any difficulties. Lambeau offers to help Will, to get him into school and have a better future for him.

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But before he could speak to him, Will left with his friends and beat up a guy and was jailed. Lambeau then helped him getting out of Jail with a promise that he'll find him help and counseling and Will has to come. Will was a stubborn one. He saw nothing wrong in spending his whole life hanging out with his friends and doing a second grade job rather than getting a help from Lambeau. But he needed him to get out of prison, so he nodded. Lambeau then introduced him to his college roommate Sean Maguire(Robin Williams) who is now a gifted counselor.

Apart from these two characters, there are two more characters of same age as Will. One was his childhood friend Chuckie Sullivian(Ben Affleck) who constantly tells him that he’s wasting his life by not making the correct choice and it would be a shame to them if after 20 years he would be here. And second was his love interest Skylar (Minnie Driver), a student at Harvard. After she fell in love with him and tries to help him getting over his past wounds and pride along with Lambeau and Maguire. And the movie is about breaking and healing those scars by sharing some of his own through which Maguire, the counselor, is able to help him. There are some other small plots also that keep the movie interesting and pleasant to the viewers. The outcome of the movie can be considered predictable but that doesn’t matter since it's those small yet effective scenes and perfect acting by every character that made the movie a blockbuster hit.

My Opinion

I would recommend this movie but will also have to keep in mind that it uses a lot of inappropriate words and scenes throughout the scenes that can be considered too adult for kids. In addition to amazing topic and theme, all the performances were A grade. This is a must watch for all people, but I recommend it to at least 16 year age people.

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