A Personal View on First Aid Duty During Reenactment of a Real-life Crisis

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During National Day Parade First Aid Duty 2013, I experienced many new things and learnt many new things. It was a great experience and it is my first time participating in an event held by Red Cross and also my first time going to the Red Cross House. I was also able to meet Volunteer Instructors who do not visit my school. I have also experienced how to treat real life casualties during an acted out scenario where the casualty may have many different injuries and a casualty that is panicking during the First Aid Familiarisation Workshop. It has been a very different experience for me as I rarely get to treat casualties in a scenario that has been acted out to look like a real life scenario. This experience has taught me a lot, as I will add on below.

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I liked that we were able to take a bus to the Marina Bay Floating Platform as I believe that if we had not, we would have taken a much longer time to reach our destination due to the crowds of people going to watch the previews and actual National Day Parade. I mostly liked the food that was provided for us. I appreciate the effort made to take care of the cadets’ welfare throughout this First Aid Duty. I think that the Sirs and the Ma’ams have put in a lot of effort to ensure that we are safe and that we are properly hydrated.

I think that there should have been a test run to check how long the walkie talkies would last as many of the walkie talkies ran out of battery during the first National Education show. However, the Ma’ams and Sirs were quick in solving the problem and the walkie talkies worked well the next week. I dislike the fact that there was no bus available to take us back to the Red Cross House. However, I think that taking the Mass Rapid Transit has allowed us to bond more with our new friends and also have a chance to talk to the Volunteer Instructors. Even though I dislike having to have a really early lunch to be able to reach the Red Cross House on time, I feel that it was necessary to be there early.

I have learnt many things and have also gotten to see how the Red Cross House looks like as I have never gone there before. I learnt more about the way Red Cross Youth works in other schools besides my school by talking to the new friends I have made during the First Aid Duty. I have also learnt how to treat a wound properly with the use of saline solution as I have never used it before. I now understand the importance of teamwork and communication through the scenario given to my group and I during the First Aid Familiarisation Workshop on the 6th of July. I have also learnt how to use the walkie talkie and use the Phonetic Alphabet. I find that it is very useful to know about this alphabet as it is very difficult to spell out a word to someone just through the alphabet. Using the phonetic alphabet allows better communication for spelling out words that are difficult to pronounce or words that sound like other words. In addition, I have also learnt more about Red Cross Youth and about the Volunteer Instructors at Headquarters.

I felt that I could have done more during the National Day Parade First Aid Duty as I was not able to treat any casualties since there were no casualties in my sector on the days that I was assigned to do First Aid Duty. Thus, I feel that I should also have concentrated more on looking for casualties as I feel that I have not done enough to look for casualties. I also feel that I could have been better disciplined and have a better sense of thence instead of strolling. I feel that I should have ate faster as me being slow in eating affected others. I also feel that I should have slept for a longer period of time on Saturdays, knowing that I would have to stay up late the next day for First Aid Duty. I feel that should have been more sure about what I was doing. I could also have ensured that I heard what was being said in the walkie talkie clearly as I could not tell what was being said sometimes.

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