A Phenomenon of Protestant Reformation

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Many people were in Europe when this landmark religious event happened. This event had splintered Catholic Europe. The Protestant Reformation happened in the sixteenth century. When was the Protestant Reformation? The Protestant Reformation began in the sixteenth century to reform the Catholic Church in Europe then spread around the globe. The Protestant Reformation influenced the way of life for many people and eventually became ordinary life when the Protestant Reformation ended.

The idea of Reformation was a call to purify the church and the belief that the Bible should be the only source of spiritual authority. This had many effects on Europe as well as the rest of the world. Based on the research of this topic, “The impact of the Reformation movement echoed throughout Europe, affecting both religious beliefs and politics” (Stanger). People began having different views and opinions on religion and politics during this time. Eventually, this led to the start of the Protestant Reformation.

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The Protestant Reformation was a global event .This event is usually dated to begin in 1517 during the publication of Martin Luther’s “95 Theses.” At the beginning, people were publicly protesting against the Roman Catholic Church. People wanted denominations rather than just those of the Catholic religion. Later on, the Protestant Reformation started in England. The movement in England was a result of Henry VIII’s request for a male heir. Pope Clement VII had refused to end Henry’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon where he could remarry. Therefore, the English king declared that he should have the final authority over matters relating to the English church in 1534. Henry had put the Bible in the hands of the people in England. Afterwards, there was many religious wars during this time in history.

During the Reformation, many people were separating from the church and were wanting their freedom back. According to the text, “The First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees freedom to worship without government interference, is a legacy of the Protestant Reformation”(Stranger). This was a legacy of the Protestant Reformation because many people throughout the globe wanted to be able to have different denominations and worship freely but were not getting that freedom. There were several affects that happened all around the globe including a series of religious wars. While there were religious wars going on, people were trying to escape Europe. Afterwards, the Counter Reformation started. This was a time where the people which lived in Europe grew more spiritual and more educated. In order to become more educated though, people alive during this period had to create schools, and “Ultimately, the schools created during the Reformation became a part of the standard European educational systems” (“The Protestant Reformation”). These schools were to help teach the students to respect, to obey and to assist their parents. Many people were glad when the Reformation started ending. This is because people in Europe got the way of life they were looking toward.

After the Reformation, people across the globe had many more freedoms. “Northern Europe’s new religious and political freedoms came at a great cost, with decades of rebellions, wars, and bloody persecutions” ( The persecutions could be seen in intellectual and cultural flourishing in the strengthened universities in Europe. The Protestant Reformation had strengthened Europe and their religion. Even during this time, reformers views were not put into practice by each of the Protestant parents. People starting living their life after the Reformation had ended.

People started new life after the Protestant Reformation. This caused the people to notice that they needed an educational system to educate children. “Protestant reformers saw the family as the fundamental unit for fostering both religious belief and social stability; therefore, they directed more attention to children and families then had the late-medieval Catholic Church” (“The Protestant Reformation”). The Protestant Reformation has influenced daily life. There are several ways the Protestant Reformation influences life today is through weddings, christenings, and funerals which is often found in the Bible. Since the end of the Reformation, people have new ways of life and started getting back into church. Also, the Protestant Reformation allowed many different denominations afterwards, and now people have more freedom than before. They had new churches built across the globe and some churches even began to join together.

The Protestant Reformation had begun in the sixteenth century to reform the Catholic Church in Europe and influenced the lives of all the people in Europe then around the globe. This also set in place structures and beliefs that defined the modern era. The beginning of the Reformation was when people began publicly protesting against the Roman Catholic Church. People started separating from the church and wanted their freedom back from when the Protestant Reformation began. After the Protestant Reformation, people all around the globe had many more freedoms and began getting back into church. Each of the them started their new way of life after this event ended and had much more freedom. They were able to follow their chosen denominations and go to church freely and worship. The people of Europe were much happier after the Reformation ended and were able to go back to the way they had lived their lives. By the end, there were also new schools created and became part of the world even after the Protestant Reformation. These schools were created to teach students to assist, respect, and obey their parents. Even though the Protestant Reformation was over, it had significant and long lasting effects on the children in Europe.

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