A Physical Setting as a Crucial Element for the Plot of the Story


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A Peace Setting

The setting of A Separate Peace leaves the reader transfixed. imagining the story taking place outside of an all boys school or even outside of a school is a ludicrous idea. The east coast contains certain qualities that bring the story to life due to the weather and state. The plot would never have survived anywhere else, because all other locations will multifariously disrupt the story in a blitzkrieg of change. In A Separate Peace, the physical setting is an important asset to the development of the story’s plot.

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A Separate Peace is set at Devon School, which is a boys school. A Separate Peace would be majorly different if the boys had to share their school with girls, due to the fact that girls can be a huge distraction to boys with their querulous behaviors. Gene and Finny definitely cause enough trouble without girls changing the plot of the story. “Like all good schools, Devon did not stand isolated…”(Knowles pg 11). The school setting is great because it is a boarding school and it shows the innocent foolishness of boys when they are at school. The plot is centered around the school, so a different setting would cause vagaries to take place and change the entire story. Another factor of the greatness of the setting is the area.

Devon is located on the east coast. The east coast has some of the most beautiful weather. If the location is different, the plot will not be smooth like it is. “Devon is sometimes considered the most beautiful school in New England,”(Knowles pg 12). If the setting location had been different, the weather would have changed, there might have been no snow or tons more snow. Another great thing is the landscape of the east coast. The school was near the Naguamsett River and also near a beach. The beach is a necessity because it creates a venerable scene of friendship. This plot only works well in the area it was set in.

A Separate Peace would never work in another country, because the plot pretty much is about the boys preparing to enlist in the United State army during the war that is happening. Since the best scene is at the beach, the midwest would be an awful choice for the story. “Not long afterward, early even for New Hampshire, the snow came,”(Knowles pg 92).Cognition shows that the plot takes drastic turns during the snow. Snow is an asset of the plot so the south and west coast would never work for the story. The desert is one place that the story can not happen in at all due to fact that trees, grass, and large bodies of water are absent from the desert’s landscape.

The most important asset to A Separate Peace is the physical setting, because it develops the plot of the story. The story was set in an all boys school which is good because, “ Single-gender schools present a viable option and an opportunity for boys and young men to learn”(Patterson pg 39),but also allowed the boys to be less polite in the rejoinders of the witticisms that occurred. The boys live in bellicose harmony on the east coast. The east coast is the only area in the world suitable for the plot. The given setting is perfect, any other setting would have ruined the story.

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