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A Portrait of American Money: The Real Truth

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Benjamin Franklin is a very significant person in the United States history. He is known as one of the “founding fathers”. He is on the money that everyone should have. Way back when, Benjamin wrote a autobiography to talk about his life. There is a lot of importance that many of us seem to forget, about this his historical literary work.

In the memoir Benjamin discusses his early life. He talks about his father, he describes him as “pious, and a great Attender of Sermons of the best Preachers”. He then further talks about how his father was a politician. That is probably where Benjamin gets his wanting to be involved in the government from. He talks about how during the early time he lived with his family many people were suffering under Queen Mary’s reign. In the autobiography he discusses his large family. His father married many women and had many wives. With all those wives he had, of course children would come into play. “By the same wife he had 4 children more born there, and by the second wife he had 10 more”. Franklin tells the reader’s that he was the youngest of all the 17 children his father had.

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Later in the autobiography he then talks about his life growing up. He also talks about how he became involved in the growth of the American nation.

Why is the autobiography important? This autobiography is important because it talks about Benjamin Franklin’s life and his career. Everyone needs to know about his life because he was a very important person in history. Without the help of Benjamin Franklin this country probably would not be standing like it is today. He talks about his early life in his autobiography to give people an idea of how he got his motivation, to become involved in separating from England and its church.. This biography is important because it was not only a literary work but also a historical document. It was the first document to gain widespread popularity. Not only does it talks about benjamin franklin’s career but it also maps out a plan for self success.In conclusion, Benjamin franklin is still relevant today. His autobiography is still helpful to many people today. Franklin’s idea of wealth and virtue still impact this nation today!


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